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sending ENTER back....

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Hi guys !

I'm quite new on Autoit and i've got this little problem :

I've made a bot that save a lot of information every time the "ENTER" button is pressed. But the "ENTER" action is not sended back to windows !

For example I want to talk with my friend on my IM but the message is never sent (I press the "ENTER" button, the script is well launched but my IM message is not sent).

I tryed this :

SEND("{ENTER}")oÝ÷ Ø­¡÷(º»¶¬r¸©¶·­®( z¸­±é_j¢©Ýj¢¥²kÉçm+ºÚ"µÍÝÙ^TÙ]
    ][ÝÞÐTÐÈLI][ÝË   ][ÝÜÝ    ][ÝÊBÝÙ^TÙ]
    ][ÝÞÐTÐÈLßI][ÝË ][ÝÜÝ    ][ÝÊ

Also with only one or the other (010 or 013) but in this case the script doesn't launch.

Do you have any idea of the way to solve my problem ?

Thank you for helping !


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I believe that you will have to use an _ispressed instead and that will fix your problem

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