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Im running into a barrier

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I really can't figure this out, hope some of you brain guys know it... :)

The senario is, that Client sends ALOT of data, so it cant all be sent at once.. therefore the Do...Until $RetRecieve is = 0, then create the treeview items..


DLLCall(@WindowsDir & "\au3xtra.dll", "int", "TCPSend", "int", $socket1, "str","1," & $a[0] &","& $SaveFiles)


While 1

 $RetRecieve = DLLCall(@WindowsDir & "\au3xtra.dll","int","TCPRecv", "int",$ConnectedSocket1, "str", "", "int",8192)
$GetSplit = Stringsplit($RetRecieve[2],",")

;Log everything to editlist             
Do ;Only if something comes in from $RetRecieve
GUICtrlSetData($FilesLogEdit, GUICtrlRead($FilesLogEdit) & $GetSplit[3] & @CRLF)
Until ;$RetReceive = 0

$FileSplit = StringSplit(GUICTRLRead($FilesLogEdit),"{")
For $i = 1 to $Filesplit[0]
GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($FileSplit[$i], $FileHD[4])

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I would hazard that you should ask a '?' if you would like an answer :)

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