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Really basic, Question so to say.

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Yes, this is really basic and i know you guys are going to say RTFM buy i just have 1 final and last question to ask before i finish my program, and write a guide to help all others, lost '

1. how do i make a Button, (Exit Button) That after it shuts down the program it go to a website.

2, would something like this be correct(NON RELATED TO #1)

Func F1()  
    SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1)
    $ID = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("XX.exe"))
    $Addy2 = _MemoryRead($Addy, $ID)
    $Addy2 = GuiCtrlRead($Slider1)
     While 1

To make what ever the slider is the value contained in $addy will always equal it(aka making my slider control a external value)

and how do i change the icon, you know remove the "A" in all auto it programs and replace it with my own icon,

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My UDF:Freeze.au3-Freeze values like CE, ML, ETC[i][/i][u][/u]

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1. Create your button

2. Set an even for it (OnEvent or using GUIGetMsg)

3. Use the following to open a website, and close the program.


Wasn't that hard :D



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