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STEAM Window Generator

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I loved this post by DreamFire, which would create a GUI window using the 'somewhat' accurate layout of a STEAM window. I love the colors, the look, feel. But, one thing I had to fault him on was that you couldn't tell it to create it at X/Y position, with extra styles, embed a parent, etc. Even the graphics were fixed, and were not intelligent enough to figure out how wide/short they should be.

So, i created this one. Here's the function definition:

; Function Name:    _makeWindow()
; Description:      Generate a steam window with independant controls
; Parameter(s):      $sWINDOW_TITLE = ""              Title of Window
;                           $MainSectionText = "Content"    Content Area Header
;                           $iWINDOW_WIDTH = 200          Window Width
;                           $iWINDOW_HEIGHT = 200        Window Height
;                           $iWINDOW_X = -1                     Window X Position
;                           $iWINDOW_Y = -1                    Window Y Position
;                           $iwinShow = True                      Window is visible
;                           $iWINDOW_STYLE = ""            Window Style
;                           $iWINDOW_xSTYLE = ""          Window Extended Style
;                           $iParent = ""                            Window Parent
;                           $iPath = ""                               Image Path
; Requirement(s):   n/a
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Returns Array containing:
;                                             -  Window Handle,          element 0
;                                             -  Left Panel Width,         element 1
;                                             -  Content Area Start,      element 2
;                                             -  Window Header,          element 3
;                                             -  Content Area Header,   element 4
;                                             -  Window Close Handle,  element 5
;                           On Failure - Returns -1 and sets @error:
;                                           - 1 = Missing hdr.bmp
;                                           - 2 = Missing cls.bmp
;                                           - 3 = Missing cnr.bmp
;                                           - 4 = Invalid Parent Window
;                                           - 5 = Could not create window
; Remarks:          It's best to use the GuiGetMsg(1) array to process
;                     windows created with this command.  If you process
;                     the initial array [0], for example, to check if a window
;                     is to be closed, then you can parse the [1] array to see
;                     if the close window command is comming from a specific
;                     window, or the application in whole.  It stops making
;                     you close a window, and exit the entire app at the same
;                     time.  See the UDF post on AutoIT Forums for the proper
;                     use of the while/wend/message loop :) 
; Link: 
; Authors:          Initial Script (not independant controls)  - Dreamfire
;                       Edit for UDF and Code                         - zackrspv

Some notes on the function:

  • You can create as many windows as you want, just set the window handle to the handle of the window created in element 0 of the array you called to create it.
  • You should proably use the advanced GuiGetMSG() handler to return what windows/controls called the events. This is useful if you wish to have a window that has a standard windows titlebar, while still having the steam custom one (i have no idea why anyone would do this, but hey lol)
  • The command handles the left panel, content area, window sizes, all automatically. So the smaller you make the window, the smaller the areas become, instead of all being fixed.
  • The command allows for controls to be added AFTER a window is created, and allows those controls to be useable. Before, in DreamFires script (which i liked his! this is not a bash!), you had to add the controls in the function, and modify the function before any would become useable (especially on the left panel).

Here's an example:

#include "swindow.au3"
$tArray = _makeWindow('STEAM', 'Main', 100, 100, 100, 100)
$Win1_wHandel = $tArray[0]
$win1_lPanel = $tArray[1]
$win1_cArea = $tArray[2]
$win1_cHeader = $tArray[3]
$win1_wHeader = $tArray[4]
$win1_wClose = $tArray[5]
$win1_Active = $tArray[6]

$tArray = _makeWindow('STEAM', 'Test', 200, 200, -1, -1, False)
$Win2_wHandel = $tArray[0]
$win2_lPanel = $tArray[1]
$win2_cArea = $tArray[2]
$win2_cHeader = $tArray[3]
$win2_wHeader = $tArray[4]
$win2_wClose = $tArray[5]
$win2_Active = $tArray[6]

$tArray = _makeWindow('STEAM', 'Test', 1024, 768, -1, -1, True, $WS_SYSMENU + $WS_CAPTION)
$Win3_wHandel = $tArray[0]
$win3_lPanel = $tArray[1]
$win3_cArea = $tArray[2]
$win3_cHeader = $tArray[3]
$win3_wHeader = $tArray[4]
$win3_wClose = $tArray[5]
$win3_Active = $tArray[6]

;- Example controls
$test = GUICtrlCreateButton("Win2", 5, 25, $win1_lPanel - 6, 20);- left panel
GUICtrlCreateCombo("test", $win2_lPanel + 13, 60, $win2_cArea - 26, 20, -1, 0);- content area

While 1
    Local $eMSG = GUIGetMsg(1)                   ;- Advanced message array
    Switch $eMSG[0]                             ;- Process main event/control handles
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            If $eMSG[1] = $Win3_wHandel Then       ;- Checks to see if a window was closed and not the entire app
                $win3_Active = False
            Else                                ;- Command was generated for the app, not window
        Case $win1_wClose
            $win1_Active = False
        Case $win2_wClose
            $win2_Active = False
        Case $win3_wClose
            $win3_Active = False
        case $test
            GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $Win2_wHandel)
            $win2_Active = True


You need all of the files attached to this post to make it work, and it will complain if they are missing :D Otherwise, i hope y'all enjoy :D





Edited by zackrspv

-_-------__--_-_-____---_-_--_-__-__-_ ^^€ñ†®øÞÿ ë×阮§ wï†høµ† ƒë@®, wï†høµ† †ïmë, @ñd wï†høµ† @ †ïmïdï†ÿ ƒø® !ïƒë. €×阮 ñø†, bµ† ïñ§†ë@d wï†hïñ, ñ@ÿ, †h®øµghøµ† †hë 맧ëñ§ë øƒ !ïƒë.

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I whipped this up in 10 minutes and it's not finished or anything but this just shows that you don't need those image files :D although my exit button does need a better font :D oh and you can set this for positions and what not , Width, Height, X , Y

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>


While 1

Func _Steam($sTitle = "Steam" , $sWidth = 500 , $sHeight = 500 , $sX = Default , $sY = Default)
$SteamWin = GUICreate($sTitle, $sWidth, $sHeight, $sX, $sY , $WS_SYSMENU + $WS_POPUP)
$Bar = GUICtrlCreateLabel($sTitle , 0 , 0 , $sWidth -18, 18 , $SS_NOTIFY , $GUI_WS_EX_PARENTDRAG)
GUICtrlSetFont($Bar, 10, 400, 0, "Arial")
GUICtrlSetColor($Bar , 0xD8DED3)
GUICtrlSetBkColor($Bar , 0x5A6A50)
$Exit = GUICtrlCreateLabel("X" , $sWidth -18 , 0 , 18 , 18 , $SS_CENTER)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 800, 0, "Arial Black")
GUICtrlSetColor($Exit , 0xD8DED3)
GUICtrlSetBkColor($Exit, 0x5A6A50)

While 1
    $Msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $Msg
        Case $Exit
Edited by SkellySoul

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Nice, i like it. :D

You improved it nicely..

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