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find dual monitor resolution

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i cant figure out how to find the resolution of 2 monitors. is there a way to find each monior individually or just get the total resolution? i tried creating a window thats like 10000/10000 and measuring it but it turns out it doent go to the max screen size it actuallt goes 10000 by 10000 lol. anyway any help would be great

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Q15. How can I get the screen resolution in multiple monitor setups?

A1. The following code was worked out by Larry to determine the total screen resolution of multiple monitors:

Global Const $SM_VIRTUALWIDTH = 78
    Global Const $SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT = 79
    $VirtualDesktopWidth = DLLCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_VIRTUALWIDTH)
    $VirtualDesktopWidth = $VirtualDesktopWidth[0]
    $VirtualDesktopHeight = DLLCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetSystemMetrics", "int", $SM_VIRTUALHEIGHT)
    $VirtualDesktopHeight = $VirtualDesktopHeight[0]

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