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Easy to download videos from youtube.com

Version 1.0.2 released! (22-7-2009)


- V 1.0.1 : Fix some bugs

Edit Preview GUI

- V 1.0.2 : Add new features : auto get video url from clipboard


Exe file and documentation can be found here : <snip>

Comments are welcome!!!

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Just some little suggestions:

- At the exit function, i should better if you only warning user if a downloading is in processing.

- Should check if $var1 includes http:// or not. If not then preview will not work and What does $urls do while $S reads input again?

$urls = GUICtrlRead($Input)
If StringLeft($urls, 7) <> "http://" Then
     $urls = "http://" & $urls
$s = StringReplace($urls, 'watch?v=', 'v/')

- How to exit preview window? Should register ESC key or something like that. No one think click close on main GUI can close it.

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