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I'd like to include a build timestamp in my AutoIt compiled executable.

A build timestamp is some identification of the date and time on which the executable was compiled, and it could be displayed on a GUI element to provide definitive version information beyond a typical release version "vX.Y" label. I.e. the title of a GUI window could read "Application vX.Y by Me - build yyyy-mm-dd.hh-mm-ss"

I know AutoItWrapper has a directive "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Field" which allows for this type of information to be included in the resources of the compiled executable, but I don't know how to access it from within an AutoIt script.

Is there a some sort of predefined constant which AutoItWrapper can replace at compile-time or is there some way to reliably read the compiled resources? Or perhaps there's another way to achieve this?

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Did some searching and, through massive loops, found the very simple solution:

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Field = Timestamp|%date% %time%

If @Compiled Then

MsgBox(0, "", FileGetVersion(@ScriptFullPath, "Timestamp"))


MsgBox(0, "", "Not compiled")


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