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issuing an enter key through mstsc.exe

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I'm trying to come up with a script that will send an enter keystroke through a logged in mstsc.exe (remote desktop) session to a TSO instance on a mainframe. This will basically keep the TSO session logged in. Is there a way I can do this with autoit installed on my home computer?

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Did you even try? :)

WinWait("xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remote Desktop Connection","xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remo")
If Not WinActive("xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remote Desktop Connection","xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remo") Then WinActivate("xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remote Desktop Connection","xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remo")
WinWaitActive("xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remote Desktop Connection","xxx.xx.xxx.xx - Remo")

I simply opened RemoteDesktop connected to one of my servers, and used Au3 recorder... Yes, there are better ways... but here is a quick and dirty snippet to get you started... :)

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