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displaying japanese in a msgbox or input window

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i'm trying to make me some basic flashcards like thing to help me memorize some kanjis.

i want to learn japanese, i'm putting the effort, i counter all your "omgz ur a weeaboo" posts with a nice "fuck you in the ass with something hard and sandpapery!". yes. that's immature. screw you!

(sorry, i'm used to people hate the guy who learns asian languages. i don't know if it's the same on this forum aswell, but i like being prepared."

glad we got over that.

now, i thought of figuring out how to make a msgbox or something with the char list and some ascii command, which i'm sure autoit has. i just need to find it.

the problem is that my retarded charlist doesn't include japanese.

it includes arabic, despite the fact I DID NOT INSTALL ARABIC SUPPORT ON THIS MACHINE, but no japanese.

due to fact i'm not very familiar with my other options, i'm asking here for suggestions.

so, help? anyone?

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like diesel sed. your best bet is with pictures . though that might be a lot of pics

another option maybe (dunno for sure)

is asci / other character sets ? maybe you could use them ?

Budweiser + room = warm beerwarm beer + fridge = too long!warm beer + CO2 fire extinguisher = Perfect![quote]Protect the easly offended ... BAN EVERYTHING[/quote]^^ hmm works for me :D

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Icons would be even better :) pack them all into an icl/dll, and you only need one file. Sadly msgboxes dont sow icons though, so you'll have to write your own GUI.

another though... how about writing your own font? Or downloading one from here:

3 Japanese fonts [Win / Mac]

2 Japanese fonts [Win]

Japanese fonts [Win / Linux]

More Japanese fonts [from Sourceforge - Japan]

I haven't tested any of the downloads, and have no intention of learning japanese, so i'm afraid thats the limit of my help :)


Edit: @Thornhunt, hows that thing of yours coming along?

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