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Andrew's Anti-Snooping Tool **Revisted**

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Hi, so I haven't fooled around with this for a long time and after taking some computer science classes I decided I wanted to completely redo the entire project because it was written so poorly.

I have tried to condense as much as possible and implement better code with more functions to prevent and isolate potentially huge problems.

I'm also posting the source code b/c i'm more interested in my coding technique than anything else.

So here's the INFO:

Name: Andrew's Anti-Snooping Program

Purpose: To hide windows instantly with other supporting features


Set Hotkeys

Exceptions - Hide all the windows except the names listed

Groups - Hide only the windows with names listed

Stealth - hide tray icon when activated

Disable All sound

Disable Music Only

Right Click X to hide window

Game Mode (Minimizes so fullscreen games get hidden)

Freeze (Hides all the windows, takes a screenshot, splashes the screenshot and waits until Toggle Off is activated; this simulates a frozen computer (before toggle Off) because when you click it beeps and everything is unresponsive.)

UPDATE #1: I worked on keeping windows hidden which is slightly slow unhiding but is flawless in that you will not lose a window. It takes up very few system resources which was very surprising. I also added Computer Crash, which will simulate a BSOD. Also, I added a help with a built in laydown of everything..

Note: I'm almost 100% sure you will NEVER lose a window unlike before. I came up with a pretty good idea, you can check it out in the source, let me know what you think.


RobSaunders for Hotkeys

I included a few other files that I'm not sure who to give credit too. Let me know if you want credit if I used some of your code.



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wow really great I love the freeze option didn't think it was going to work to be honest =p

good job

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