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Multi-lined strings

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Hi, what I pretend is to change a control's text into another, but not only with one line, like having a line, a dot, and then keeping on the next line.

I have no idea how to do it, is this possible at all? All I can do is:

controlsettext( "window","", ID, "Hello this is some text.")

What I pretend is to set the text to something like this:

This is some text.

This is some text in another line.

But, if I set the new texto for instances:

$sText1 = ControlGetText("Window", "", ID)
Controlsettext("Window", "", 4, "" & $sText1 & _
"New text to be sent " & $Char1)

Same, I'd like to do obtain the results also to MsgBox's, would be really helpful.

Hope someone can explain me how to do these, it smells like a super easy thing that I didn't learn yet :) .

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe something like works?

controlsettext( "window","", ID, "Hello this is" & @crlf &"some text.")
Thank you, works perfectly :)

Im such a noob at this xD it was so easy.

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