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Increasing STDOUT Buffer Size

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I am currently trying to increase the STDOUT buffer size of my script. I'm trying to use DllCall using setbuf() and I am having a hard time obtaining the File handle of STDOUT for the script. Here is the header of setbuf():

void setbuf( FILE *stream, char *buffer );

Here is my AutoIt script code that attempts to increase the buffer size of STDOUT:

Global Const $gc_strStandardCLib = "msvcrt.dll"                                             ;Name of dll that contains setbuf()
Global Const $gc_filePtrStdOut = 1                                                          ;File handle of STDOUT
Global Const $gc_intStdOutBufferSize = 102400                                               ;Size in bytes of our standard out buffer
Global $ga_intStdOutBuffer = DllStructCreate( "char[" & $gc_intStdOutBufferSize & "]" )     ;Buffer used for standard out

;Increase the buffer size of STDOUT to ensure we do not overflow the buffer
DllCall( $gc_strStandardCLib, "none", "setbuf", "ptr", $gc_filePtrStdOut, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr( $ga_intStdOutBuffer ) )

The problem I am having is with the first parameter of setbuf() ("FILE *stream") which I need to pass in STDOUT to. Anyone have any suggestions?


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The only reliable method I can find is to use _fdopen() to bind the file descriptor for stdout to a FILE* handle. The symbolic constants stdin, stdout and stderr cannot be accessed and are actually a little more complex than I thought. At any rate, the file descriptors for the standard streams are:

0 = stdin
 1 = stdout
 2 = stderr

So in C++ the code would look something like:

FILE *fptr = _fdopen(1, "a+");
setvbuf(fptr, pBuffer, mode, buffer_size);

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So in AutoIt that could likely be:


Global $iFile = 1 ; STDOUT
Global $iSize = 102400 ; size in bytes (chars)
Global $tBuffer = DllStructCreate("char[" & $iSize & "]") ; char buffer

Global $aCall = DllCall("msvcrt.dll", "ptr:cdecl", "_fdopen", _
        "ptr", $iFile, _ ; handle to open file
        "str", "a+") ; opens for reading and appending; creates the file first if it doesn’t exist

; error checking missing

Global $hFile = $aCall[0]
ConsoleWrite("! $hFile = " & $hFile & @CRLF)

Global Const $IOFBF = 0

$aCall = DllCall("msvcrt.dll", "int:cdecl", "setvbuf", _
        "ptr", $hFile, _ ; file
        "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($tBuffer), _ ; allocated buffer
        "int", $IOFBF, _ ; mode of buffering _IOFBF (full buffering)
        "dword", DllStructGetSize($tBuffer)) ; buffer size in bytes

; error checking missing

ConsoleWrite(">setvbuf returned: " & $aCall[0] & @CRLF) ;<- if 0 then OK





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