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Help with shlwapi DLL call

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Can someone point out what it takes to get the PathMatchSpec or PathMatchSpecW function working?

$str = "C:\CONFIG.SYS"
;$str = "C:\CONFIG.SYS" & Chr(0)
$mask = "*.SYS"
;$mask = "*.SYS" & Chr(0) & Chr(0)

If DllCall("shlwapi.dll","int","PathMatchSpecW","wstr",$str,"wstr",$mask) Then Beep(800,100)


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What a dumb function*.

DllCall() returns an array.

$sFile = "C:\CONFIG.SYS"
$sFileType = "*.SYS"

$aCall = DllCall("shlwapi.dll", "int", "PathMatchSpecW", "wstr", $sFile, "wstr", $sFileType)
; error checking missing here

If $aCall[0] Then Beep(800, 100)

$sFile = "C:\CONFIG.SYS"
If StringRegExpReplace($sFile, ".*\.", "") = "SYS" Then Beep(800, 100)


* for use with AutoIt

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Well, it does what it does, matches a string against a DOS filename filter.

StringRegExp's (like the one above) are bogging down the last test version I posted in this thread: FileListToArray

I just thought I'd see if a DLL call could get any where near competing as far as performance. It doesn't. The PathMatchSpecEx function looked interesing, it accepts a semi-colon delimited string containing multiple filename filters. Unfortunately, it is Vista only (and likely still slower than a complex StringRegExp that uses alternation).

Edit: By the way, thank you for the answer. MSDN said PathMatchSpecExW returned an integer, I'd overlooked that my return was actually coming from DLLCall. :) It was 1:30am and I'm not sure both my brain cells were firing at the time.

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