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Key combination failing

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Two things...



First I am tryign to envoke a certain action by CNTRL+SHIFT+F.

I have tried:


And occasionally it fires as CNTRL+F without the SHIFT.

So I tried the helpflie and started using:

Send("^F") which seems to do the same thing..

Now I do not get any CNTRL+F Missfires but..

I had to add a do until loop with a pixel search because it still doesn't always fire it seems.. The script would continue and the action was never envoked..

This is working but causes delays when it requires several retries.. Any suggestions. on a better way to do this with less problems?

Current Code:



Sleep (10000)

Until PixelGetColor(1161, 293) = Dec("00FD00")



I have a loop within a loop.

It performs a certain action 7 times then continues on with the main script..

Sometimes I have to change something and restart it but the action performed 7 times in the first loop is no longer necessary..

My question is, can I add some sort of feature to skip the inner loop like a hotkey for example and continue on with the rest of the script..

Some code available.. if necessary on request..

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Have a variable which changes when the hotkey is pressed.

Hotkeyset ("a", "_toggle")

Global $toggle = true

if $toggle = true
     local $i = 0
     while $i<7 and $toggle = true

Func _toggle ()
$toggle = not $toggle

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