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_SetYahooMessengerStatus UDF

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I was experimenting with Yahoo! Messenger and AutoIT today, so i came up with this. I think it may be useful for status changer programs, like Y!Amp, for example. Also, post any suggestions/improvement ideas.

; Name...........: _SetYahooMessengerStatus
; Description ...: Sets a status message to an opened Y!M Window
; Syntax.........: _SendMessage($sStaus)
; Parameters ....: $sStatus      - Status text/message
; Return values .: Success       - 1 and sets @error to 0
;                  Failure       - 0 and sets @erro to :
;                - 1, if Y!M execuatble is not found
;                - 2, if Y!M Window or Process is not found running
; Author ........: Iuli
; Example .......; Yes


#include <SetYahooMessengerStatus.au3>

$STR="Hello world!"
Switch @error
    Case 1
        ConsoleWrite("- Y!M Executable was not found." & @CRLF)
    Case 2
        ConsoleWrite("- Y!M Window or Process is not running." & @CRLF)
    Case False
        ConsoleWrite('+> Status modified to: "' & $STR & '"' & @CRLF)



Have fun !

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