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ProgressBar as external process

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I have a looonnngggg script using no GUI, that silently performs a lot of tasks.

I'd like to provide the user with a very simple GUI that only shows a progress bar and a label like "Please wait while processing...". Not a big deal up now, but things get more complicated when I try to run this progress bar in an infinite loop as an asynchronous process, simply killing it from the main script when it exits.

Actually I'm only trying to avoid updating and refreshing the progress bar everyplace along the script code, letting it run free.

Is it technically (and easily...) feasible?

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It would depend on what the script is doing. Anything in a loop would be easy.

For example, if you had a loop counting from 1 to 1000000 you could do something like this.

GUICreate("Progress", 100, 20)
$progress = GUICtrlCreateProgress(0, 0, 100, 20)

Local $num

While $num <= 1000000
    $num += 1
    GUICtrlSetData($progress, $num / 10000)

anything not in a loop however you would have to use guictrlsetdata every time you wanted it updated.

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Unfortunately my script is rather a linear process and I was looking for something that would workaround the need for GUI_CtrlSetData() everywhere in the code...

Thanks anyway Hawkwing.

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There has to be some points where the progress bar knows when to update and what to update to. You don't need to use a GUI to do it though.

Help File >> Function Reference >>Message Boxes and Dialogs >>





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