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Human machine interface

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Hello all,

I have to design a simple "man machine interface".

The requirement are the following:

1) I have an image (SVG or other format) where some electrical equipement are drawn.

2) The image is "application dependent"; in other term the layout of the image (equipement position and number) change depending on the single application

3) Over the image I have to add some buttons; these bottons call some AutoIt routines.

4) Depending on events, I have to change the equipement colors.

In other words i want the image to become like a GUI.

I'am assuming that this is possible whit AutoIt; I need just a little indication about the best way..


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Can you post an example of the image?

Yes, of course I have an example of file but I'm not able to send..

When I try to attach the file in this replay the forum give me the following message: error you arent'permitted to upload this kind of file..

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Just as an idea, you may want to look at a different approach here.


1> Create a GUI where the entire GUI is covered by an Embedded IE object.

2> Convert the image to PNG, JPG, GIF or other standard web format.

3> Google "Image mapping html"

4> Write the code that produces the HTML

That will allow you to click on a given mapped area of the image which in return can be made to do what you want.


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Ok, if I understand your idea you are suggesting me to abandon the "AutoIt based approach" and adopt a "web based approach". In this way I'm able to design a web page with buttons and "image map" like a GUI.

But in this way I have still a problem; I try to explain better.

On my image I have some electrical equipment. I receive the state of the equipment by tcp/ip from an external application. Depending on this state I have to change the color of the equipment (this is the first problem that I'm not able to solve). I have to add some button on the image (this is the second problem). And using buttons I have to send command via Tcp/IP (this is not a pro).

So, if I use a web based approach, is simple to design the GUI but is not simple (for me) to desing the 'communication part'; on the contrary if I use an AutoIt approach I'm able to manage the comunication part but I have still the problem related to the image control.

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