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Why does this fail?

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Title:  IP-Tools [Trace]
Class:  TMainForm
Position:   1040, 1
Size:   558, 1139
Style:  0x16CF0000
ExStyle:    0x00010100
Handle: 0x00070484

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:  TRichEdit
Instance:   1
ClassnameNN:    TRichEdit1
Advanced (Class):   [CLASS:TRichEdit; INSTANCE:1]
ID: 67256
Position:   4, 93
Size:   542, 945
ControlClick Coords:    228, 212
Style:  0x542128C4
ExStyle:    0x00000200
Handle: 0x000106B8

local $text
local $tbhandle
local $tools
$tbhandle = WinGetHandle("Ip_tools")
$tools = ControlGetHandle($tbhandle, "", "[CLASS:TRichEdit; INSTANCE:1]")

$text = _GUICtrlEdit_GetText ($tools)
msgbox (1,"",$text)

$text stays empty.. why does it fail? It says it can't vind the "Controlhandle" when u use an if/then/msgbox there. But i'm sure the [CLASS:TRichEdit; INSTANCE:1] exists.

What can i do about it? Thx in advance.

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$text = ControlGetText ('IP-Tools [Trace]', '', 'TRichEdit1')
msgbox (1,"",$text)


Dang... thx, i feel noob now >_<

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