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AutoIt v3.3.12.0 Released

AutoIt v3.3.12.0 has been released. This releases fixes a number of reported issues. Thanks to everyone involved in creating this release and everyone who continues to download and support AutoIt. AutoIt v3.3.12.0 – 1st June, 2014. Download it here. Complete list of...

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GImageX v2.1.1 Released

GImageX v2.1.1 has been released. Changes: Removed spurious INFO messages with Err=282. These are just warnings that extended attributes are not captured. This is how DISM works but it suppresses the messages. The messages were causing confusion. Error and warning messages now provide the string description rather than an error code. This version is for use with the Windows Assessment and...

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AutoIt v3.3.10.0 Released

AutoIt v3.3.10.0 has been released. There are too many changes and fixes to list here, but the highlights include: 90+ bugs fixes and additions to the main AutoIt executable. 90+ bug fixes and additions to the user defined functions (UDFs). Much improved Unicode support within the regular expression engine for non-English character sets. Extensive AutoItX changes, including an easy to use .NET...

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GImageX v2.1.0 Released

GImageX v2.1.0 has been released. The new version has been recompiled and tested for use with the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) for Windows 8.1. Download it...

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AutoIt v3.3.8.1 Released

AutoIt v3.3.8.1 has been released. It contains a small bug fix for users of the built-in editor which prevented the editor from running/compiling scripts correctly on x64 systems and also when installed in a non-default location. Download it here. Changes in this...

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