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#2536 _ArrayDisplay fails with default parameters Bug Standard UDFs
#2170 _ArrayDisplay fails handling arrays with no elements guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#2619 _ArrayDisplay does not show the presence of data in the cells, if their size exceeds a certain threshold Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#3094 _ArrayDisplay bug with Range "N:" Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#3637 _ArrayDisplay : error when Array is empty and Range parameter exists Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2540 _ArrayDisplay - new parameter - copy rows and column name Jpm Feature Request Standard UDFs
#958 _ArrayDisplay - bad centering of window after adjust its width Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#952 _ArrayDisplay - add new optional parameter for column header text Jpm Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2978 _ArrayDisplay - Parameters - description for $sArrayRange Melba23 Feature Request Documentation
#2537 _ArrayDisplay - $sHeader - proposal Feature Request Documentation
#951 _ArrayDisplay - $iLVIAddUDFThreshold: 4000 ==> 65000 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1891 _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description ? Jon Bug Documentation Other
#200 _ArrayDisplay Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#113 _ArrayDelete(StringSplit,..) Bug AutoIt
#2578 _ArrayDelete should return error when element is out of bounds. guinness Bug AutoIt
#924 _ArrayDelete removes last entry when element beyond Ubound is specified Jpm Bug AutoIt
#808 _ArrayConcatenate() Bug AutoIt
#3224 _ArrayConcatenate wrong parameters in description Bug Documentation
#964 _ArrayCombinations() not returning expected results. Bug AutoIt
#1438 _ArrayCombinations bug Valik Bug Standard UDFs
#2565 _ArrayCombinations - UDF ? DOC example ? - never ending loop Bug Standard UDFs
#533 _ArrayBinarySearch allows multi-dimension array when it shouldn't Gary Bug AutoIt
#3220 _ArrayBinarySearch Help text incomplete/misleading Melba23 Bug Documentation
#2720 _ArrayBinarySearch - Wrong Description Bug Documentation
#3604 _ArrayAdd( .... ) doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#2698 _ArrayAdd return wrong index Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3596 _ArrayAdd fails to add a specified value at the end of an existing 1D array Bug AutoIt
#1520 _ArrayAdd doesn't work after _ArrayDelete has removed the last element Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#3592 _ArrayAdd doesn't work Bug AutoIt
#3587 _ArrayAdd - do not add Bug AutoIt
#2699 _ArrayAdd $hDataType not documented Jpm Bug Documentation
#2721 _Array... - proposal guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2382 _ATAN2 has gone missing Bug AutoIt
#205 [Vista64] PixelGetColor returns color of desktop picture instead of directX window Bug AutoIt
#3205 [Suggestion] Allow functions to be also defined with the keyword "Function" Feature Request AutoIt
#239 [Minor] Typo in FIle.au3 Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#2308 [GuiRichEdit.au3] Multiple RichEdit's not working (above Bug Standard UDFs
#2090 [:upper:] is not working Bug AutoIt
#20 [:class:] in regex Bug AutoIt
#3180 Zip and Unzip Feature Request Other
#2152 X^2 Not Working in Hex() Jon Bug AutoIt
#1138 XML Feature Request Other
#2215 Wrong(?) syntax check of default parameter value with array variable trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1323 Wrong size of some types in DllStructCreate() Valik Bug Documentation
#673 Wrong priority of logic operators Bug AutoIt
#519 Wrong parameters in help file for GUICtrlSetDefBkColor Jpm Bug Documentation
#3691 Wrong link in the CLSID List page Bug Documentation
#133 Wrong information in the Help File Bug Documentation
#2311 Wrong handling of casesense parameter in StringReplace Jon Bug AutoIt
#46 Wrong example _ArrayTrim in help Gary Bug Documentation
#1378 Wrong error handling in _Date_Time_SetLocalTime Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1445 Wrong description for _MemGlobalFree() Jon Bug Documentation
#1068 Wrong converting Binary to Int/Number Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3141 Wrong Screen Size Dimension Problem in Windows10 in Combination with the preferences „size of text apps and other items“ > 100% Bug AutoIt
#1177 Wrong Return values _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_GetCurSel Jpm Bug Documentation
#230 Wrong GuiCtrlSetResizing after ControlMove in GUIs with Menus Jpm Bug AutoIt
#306 Wrong Error message when a variable is not an array Bug AutoIt
#2930 Wrong CheckBox position for ListView Bug AutoIt
#1641 Write compiler for autoit Feature Request Aut2Exe
#577 Would you like to save money? Bug AutoIt
#202 Would like to be able to Branch on condition Feature Request AutoIt
#955 Worm WIN32/SillyAutoRun.AYD detected in EXE file Bug Aut2Exe
#860 With...EndWith is not a loop Jpm Bug Documentation
#2789 With EndWith parameter issue Jon Bug AutoIt
#3564 With ...EndWith not robust Bug AutoIt
#1762 With ... EndWith crashes instead of Error. Bug AutoIt
#37 Wine Compatibility Notice Feature Request AutoIt
#2048 WindowsConstants containing invalid variables guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1531 Windows textcolor not honored by Inputbox, Edit-, List- and Combo-Control Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1728 Windows of compiled script stuck in the Task Bar Bug Aut2Exe
#116 Windows menu bug Jpm Bug AutoIt
#878 Windows PE and GimageX Feature Request AutoIt
#3163 Windows PE - Unknown software exeption 0xc000001d Bug AutoIt
#2100 Windows On ARM Compiler (WOA) Feature Request Aut2Exe
#2023 Windows 98/ME (ANSI) compile support needed again Feature Request AutoIt
#2042 Windows 8 support for @OS macros Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2349 Windows 8 #RequireAdmin Broken in Scite Bug AutoIt
#1203 Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 + Tooltip = LAG! Bug AutoIt
#1382 Windows 7 Taskbar API Feature Request AutoIt
#1401 Windows 7 Jump List Feature Request AutoIt
#1365 Windows 2000: GUICtrlCreateLabel before GUICtrlCreateCombo prevent pulldown popup Bug AutoIt
#974 WindowFromPoint API function tagPoint structure on x64 based systems Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#2549 Window controls do not always relocate with GUICtrlSetPos Bug AutoIt
#343 Window checks to return only visible windows (option) Feature Request AutoIt
#2526 Window Titles and Text (Advanced) >> Title = '' (Blank) == [Active] ?? Feature Request Documentation
#2419 Window Titles and Text (Advanced) - example - bug and links Bug Documentation
#2407 Window Titles and Text (Advanced) - Example - Proposal guinness Feature Request Documentation
#2497 Window Titles and Text (Advanced) - Proposal Feature Request Documentation
#2143 Window Info: Request to add ControlClick position on the Window tab Feature Request Au3Info
#3652 Window Bug Bug AutoIt
#1143 Winamp cause script to fail Bug AutoIt
#1872 Winactivate and Chrome Bug AutoIt Other
#2181 WinWaitActive() doesn't necessarily return active window Bug AutoIt
#954 WinWaitActive("I/M Period End Processing",5) stalls autoit Bug AutoIt
#11 WinWaitActive error WaitingUserInfo Bug AutoIt
#764 WinWait/ProcessWait should return handle/PID Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#2058 WinWait, WinWaitActive and WinActive calls are waiting indefinitely irrespective of timeout. Jon Bug AutoItX
#560 WinWait and similar functions fails if in TITLE parameter there is form caption and after that CLASS name description (in that order) Bug AutoIt
#561 WinWait and similar functions fails if in TITLE parameter there is form caption and after that CLASS name description (in that order) Bug AutoIt
#562 WinWait and similar functions fails if in TITLE parameter there is form caption and after that CLASS name description (in that order) Valik Bug AutoIt
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