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#3743 [LAST] and WinWaitClose, WinExists, WinGetHandle, etc Jon Bug AutoIt
#3745 bug appears on windows 10, writing to edit control freezes script and crashes it. Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3746 Reason behind why compiled 32-bit .exe are showing as 64-bit OS / Machine Bug AutoIt
#3748 Running a script from a compiled script is not launching Bug AutoIt
#3752 Making mod() an infix operator Feature Request AutoIt
#3753 _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList does not check for errors Melba23 Bug AutoIt
#3754 Help File Error Bug AutoIt
#3756 send() bug with individual spanish apostrophe ( ´ ) Bug AutoIt
#3760 Number() bug with oversized integer values Jon Bug AutoIt
#3763 Send() Optimisation Feature Request AutoIt
#3764 ConsoleWrite binary mode Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3765 _FileWriteLog Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3766 @IncludeScriptFullPath and @IncludeScriptName Feature Request AutoIt
#3770 Invalid calculation when using exponential form Bug AutoIt
#3771 $COLOR_ORANGE is missing in ColorConstants.au3 Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#3772 int64 = -9223372036854775808 not handled properly Jon Bug AutoIt
#3773 Return value in SetError() is limited to 32-bit valuies Bug AutoIt
#3774 Comparisons with Null wrong for <= and >= Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3778 Tooltip does not reset the position correctly Jon Bug AutoIt
#3779 AutoIt crashes Bug AutoIt
#3780 WinSetTitle reverts to default upon window focus on Notepad.exe >= Windows 19H1 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3781 Assign and Eval, Execute, they don't work like they should when it comes to variables. Feature Request AutoIt
#3783 _WinAPI_SetThreadAffinityMask, _WinAPI_SetThreadGroupAffinity, _WinAPI_ GetProcessGroupAffinity Feature Request AutoIt
#3784 StringSplit2D Feature Request AutoIt
#3786 DirMove function returns success instead of failure Bug AutoIt
#3787 StringRegExp Feature Request AutoIt
#3788 Can't we create empty 3D arrays Feature Request AutoIt
#3789 Fileread() returns empty string when variable > 2GB Jon Bug AutoIt
#3790 CharW() >= 64968 compares with "" as True Jon Bug AutoIt
#3792 Map should have a count method Feature Request AutoIt
#3794 StringRegExp - string passed by value instead by reference? Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3797 PCRE update to recent PCRE-8.44 or even to PCRE2-10.36 Feature Request AutoIt
#3799 _ChooseFont (Canceling the dialog) suggestion. Bug AutoIt
#3800 Number() - case sensivity with scientific notation by using $NUMBER_AUTO Bug AutoIt
#3801 AutoIt #include does not handle symlinks right if included file has #include-once Bug AutoIt
#3803 ControlClick unaffected by MouseClickDownDelay Bug AutoIt
#3805 Missing letter t at the end of $tagRID_DEVICE_INFO_KEYBOARD definition Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3807 GUISetIcon does not display the correct icon in task bar Jon Bug AutoIt
#3808 ProgressOn/ProgressSet - size of the progress window Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3809 WinGetTitle returns blank on Windows 10 using _WinAPI_CreateWindowEx Jon Bug AutoIt
#3810 _ArrayUnique not handling "Default" for Parameter $iIntType Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3817 Double to Int64 type conversion - wrong results Jon Bug AutoIt
#3819 _FileCountLines help file precision to add Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3820 ProgressOn() - move feature Feature Request AutoIt
#3821 _WinAPI_OemToChar should be forced to ASCII Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3824 _GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamFromFile help file error on default character encoding Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3825 $tagEDITSTREAM definition is wrong in Beta when using x64 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3826 Background not erased for label with $GUI_BKCOLOR_TRANSPARENT set Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3830 GUICtrlSetResizing and fullscreen mode Jon Bug AutoIt
#3831 GUICtrlSetPos and $GUI_DOCKHCENTER Jon Bug AutoIt
#3833 _WinAPI_RegisterRawInputDevices and $iCount parameter Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3836 FileExists with trailing quotation mark Jon Bug AutoIt
#3837 StringFormat() number of replacements performed stored in the @extended macro Feature Request AutoIt
#3839 User data in control Feature Request AutoIt
#3840 file path given does not selects properly Feature Request AutoIt
#3841 COM Error Handling Bug AutoIt
#3843 SciTE tool "Jump to Function Prod" unable to find function definition while execution is fine Bug AutoIt
#3844 Right bracket does not register as a hotkey Jon Bug AutoIt
#3849 Server 2022 @OSVersion returns WIN_2019 Jon Bug AutoIt
#3854 Setting Control Color has unintended consequences in GUI Bug AutoIt
#3855 _ArrayToString for 1D array, for used in the Combo Box Bug AutoIt
#3856 FileOpenDialog passing unseen information Bug AutoIt
#3861 Typo in RunAs manual article Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3864 StringRegExp - AutoIt3.exe ended.rc:-1073741571 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3865 Image Control resizing behave as forced $GUI_DOCKWIDTH and $GUI_DOCKHEIGHT Jon Bug AutoIt
#3866 REGEXPCLASS broken in Jon Bug AutoIt
#3869 Subtraction operator before power operation is parsed incorrectly Jon Bug AutoIt
#3870 [Bug in Regexptitle & regexpclass] Bug AutoIt
#3871 _ArrayDisplay() Hang sorted array with Null element Jon Bug AutoIt
#3874 FileOpen() and similar functions should set @error to non-zero on failure Feature Request AutoIt
#3875 GUICtrlSetResizing() performance Jon Bug AutoIt
#3876 Hex Number Arithmetic is incorrect Jon Bug AutoIt
#3877 $GUI_ONTOP hides the control when already on top Jon Bug AutoIt
#3879 Dim doesn't change the type of Map to Array Jon Bug AutoIt
#3881 Missing Extras\WM_NOTIFY.au3 file Bug AutoIt
#3891 DllCall performance optimization Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#3896 Single non-ANSI character failure in BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#3897 incorrect arithmatic with Hex notation Bug AutoIt
#3898 Wrong references in au3.api Bug AutoIt
#3899 _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem issue with remote desktop Bug AutoIt
#3900 REGEXPTITLE fails to match Bug AutoIt
#3909 _DebugReportData to report Array column formatted Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#3914 SciTE-Lite 4.4.6 bad font Bug AutoIt
#3915 unknown _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes Bug AutoIt
#34 Pixelchecksum returns wrong values Jon Bug AutoItX
#244 AutoItX: work with ControlTreeView via ActiveX/Com Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#663 AU3_PixelChecksum returns 0x80000000 if more than that Jon Bug AutoItX
#989 Autoitx3.dll in beta version Jon Bug AutoItX
#1060 Run return 0, but failed Jon Bug AutoItX
#1083 ClipPut Function bug or limitation-from ticket 1043 Jon Bug AutoItX
#1255 127 characters limitation with AutoItX v3.3.0.0 (with titles and controls) Jon Bug AutoItX
#1606 Remove AutoItX Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#1686 AU3_PixelSearch crashes with access violation at address 0x00000008 Jpm Bug AutoItX
#1704 Need UDFs in AutoItx. Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#1765 Add ability to allow to embed AutoIt interpreter into C++ code Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#2053 HotKeySet in AutoItX Jon Feature Request AutoItX
#2058 WinWait, WinWaitActive and WinActive calls are waiting indefinitely irrespective of timeout. Jon Bug AutoItX
#2632 MouseDown dose not delay even i set MouseClickDownDelay to 2000 milliseconds Jon Bug AutoItX
#2694 AutoitX3_x64.dll not working for ControlListView and ControlTreeView in 32bit application Jon Bug AutoItX
#2776 AutoItX: ControlFocus with Handle doesn't work Jon Bug AutoItX
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