08:35 Ticket #1818 ((UDF) _INetSmtpMail Importance parameter) closed by trancexx
Rejected: There are much more important features that function misses.
08:26 Ticket #2180 (Aut2Exe won't create .exe when using icon) closed by trancexx
Fixed: This was addressed by revisions [7010], [7011] and finalized by rev [7018].
00:41 Ticket #2202 (Add $TRAYTIP_EVENT_* to TrayGetMsg/TraySetOnEvent) closed by Valik
Rejected: Nothing is stopping you from implementing this yourself with a hidden (or even visible depending on the application). It shouldn't be much work at all.


18:45 Ticket #2202 (Add $TRAYTIP_EVENT_* to TrayGetMsg/TraySetOnEvent) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
I think we should have an ability to get notifications from TrayTip, …
15:06 Ticket #2011 (Sorting the list by clicking the column name) closed by trancexx
14:23 Ticket #2199 (_ExcelSheetAddNew() abends if specified sheet already exists) closed by trancexx
Rejected: That function doesn't follow its specification regarding return values. If you want to submit some code then either do it correctly or don't do it at all. I understand the desire to be useful but please don't do it by adding new bugs. I'll close this as "Rejected", and I'm hoping you will report it again, only correctly next time. By correctly I mean with explanation of the bug, reproducer (where is it now?), and suggestions if you have any.
14:07 Ticket #2200 (_IETagNameGetCollection return nothing) closed by trancexx
Works For Me: That code is invalid.


23:29 Ticket #2201 (Executing ControlCommand - SendCommandID to a toolbar, new window ...) closed by Valik
Works For Me: Based on your reproduction script... I'm closing this ticket as it is pointless for me to waste my time hunting down a program to reproduce the issue. Before you post again I suggest you read the ticket guidelines.
11:21 Ticket #2201 (Executing ControlCommand - SendCommandID to a toolbar, new window ...) created by mpregos@…
Executing ControlClick using the option to SendCommandID in a toolbar …


20:27 Ticket #2200 (_IETagNameGetCollection return nothing) created by jeremy.gilruiz@…
The _IETagNameGetCollection function doesn't return elements on x64 …
18:11 Ticket #2199 (_ExcelSheetAddNew() abends if specified sheet already exists) created by Spiff59
The _ExcelSheetAddNew() function abnormally terminates script …


20:51 Ticket #2198 (DllStructGetData causes crash) closed by Valik
No Bug: Your code is garbage. We cannot protect you from writing shitty code.
15:25 Ticket #2198 (DllStructGetData causes crash) created by JFX
DllStructGetData sometimes crashes on a wchar Structure. Only happens …


14:40 Ticket #2197 (#RequireAdmin creates a critical error, if the user doesn't start it ...) created by jmalmgren@…


20:04 Ticket #2196 (Documentation - FTPEx.au3 - Syntax Highlighting) created by mlipok
For these two functions _FTP_ProgressDownload _FTP_ProgressUpload from …


14:50 Ticket #2195 (AutoIT crashes when return variable has the same name as array) closed by trancexx
Duplicate: See #1551.
13:26 Ticket #2195 (AutoIT crashes when return variable has the same name as array) created by anonymous
Example Code crashes AutoIT: […]


14:48 Ticket #2194 (_IECreate() Hidden Flag Not working IE8+) created by Crazyace
$oIE = _IECreate("http://google.com",0 ,0) The code above will open …


20:34 Ticket #2193 (Addition to the String UDF) created by BrewManNH
As previously requested in ticket 2173 this is a modified …


16:41 Ticket #2173 (_StringProper doesn't capitalize correctly) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Make up your mind next time. Before making a request.
15:20 Ticket #2192 (New API...au3 include files conflict) created by Jpm
If all Include files are included see attached file conflicts occur …
05:12 Ticket #2191 (#Include not work from file saved in some UTF format) closed by Valik
Duplicate: Closing as a duplicate of #1989. Fail ticket in multiple ways: * Duplicate * Wrong component * No actual reproduction script I suggest reading the guidelines first next time instead of ignoring the big red box.


22:01 Ticket #2191 (#Include not work from file saved in some UTF format) created by aymhenry@…
Create a file with Encoding one of the following :- 0- Create a file …
14:49 Ticket #2190 (DirMove. (false success)) created by mvg
Looks like a bug to me. (if not ... ?) […]
13:38 Ticket #2189 (white space after if statement is removed) created by HighGuy
Hi, not sure if you handle this as a bug, but in current version of …


03:04 Ticket #2157 (ProcessList() crashes on Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2) closed by Valik
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6974] in version:


02:08 Ticket #2185 (32-bit scripts in system32 on 64-bit Windows probably fail when using ...) closed by Valik
Fixed: Sweet. This was also a problem for FileInstall() but fixed automatically by what I did revision [6961] for #1901. I love it when code is re-used like that.


02:57 Ticket #2188 (UDPRecv delay able to be set with the TCPTimeout AutoIt Option) created by kealper@…
As of right now, UDPRecv has a non-changeable 100ms delay if no data …


21:10 Ticket #2187 (Unexpected Result in _GUICtrlRichEdit_Create) created by tom_lyo@…
In the _GUICtrlRichEdit_Create function, there is : If Not …
18:37 Ticket #2186 (WinNet UDF - AddConnection Functions - Help File Issue) created by MrMitchell
In the Help File, for the _WinNet_AddConnection, …
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