FavIcons Screensaver 1.1.7

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A little animated Screensaver based on FavIcons

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    • Masum
      By Masum
      Hi all,
      Can the default Koda icon for forms be changed? If so, how?
    • Queener
      By Queener
      This is the info of the interface:
      Title:    Password Safe
      Class:    #32770
      Class:    ToolbarWindow32
      Instance:    2
      ClassnameNN:    ToolbarWindow322
      Advanced (Class):    [CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:2]
      1:    32003    Make New Database
      2:    32002    Open Another Database
      3:    32004    Close Database
      4:    32005    Save Database
      5:    0    
      6:    32066    Copy Password to Clipboard
      7:    32068    Copy Username to Clipboard
      8:    32069    Copy Notes to Clipboard
      9:    32065    Clear the clipboard contents
      10:    0    
      I wanted to click on 1:    32003    Make New Database. But unfortunately, I'm unable to click on that. Any help is much appreciated. Below are the code I tried:

      $Title = "Password Safe" $Class = "[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:2]" WinWaitActive($Title) Sleep(500) Dim $hWnd = WinGetHandle($Title,"") Dim $hToolBar = ControlGetHandle($hWnd, '', $Class) ConsoleWrite($hWnd & @TAB & $hToolBar & @LF) _GUICtrlToolbar_ClickIndex($hToolBar, 32003)
    • GordonFreeman
      By GordonFreeman
      Hi friends!
      I making a listview who displays files and i need set correct icon example: If computer have installed WinRAR zip files will have winrar icon, if have installed adobe reader pdf files have adobe reader icon. I trying to find a way to get icon associated with a extension on the computer, to after put in my listview. Thanks in advance.
    • jooni
      By jooni
      I need a basic script, but I dont know how to create it. Firstyl I upload a my vision create in Paint

      Ok let's explain. I need script who create a active button always on screen (on screen it's that red rectangle). If I open ex. Google Chrome, thats button shows on screen and If I click one of them, Autoit script type any words or buttons in active window (ex. Google Chrome). I think everybody's understand what I need. Sorry for english
      Who know how to make that script, or know where is done script ?.
    • wakillon
      By wakillon
      A little Screensaver based on FavIcons
      Like this screenshot

      Most websites use 16x16 Icons, so for a better display i used only those who have a 32x32 format.
      Thanks to :
      Ward for his BinaryCall UDF ( for call in memory lzma.dll and titchisid.dll )
      and trancexx for his ResourcesViewerAndCompiler ( for create the huge icons resource dll )
      If you have some time to loose, you can get files in the Download Section 
      Edit 1 : Config is available via right click on compiled version.
      Edit 2 : Last version do not use lzma.dll and icons resource dll but an ImageList from a jpg for store the 730 "icons"