Dbug - another debugger for AutoIt 2016.06.24

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About This File

Dbug is graphical debugger for AutoIt.

Project started by @Heron in 2009 and now supported by @asdf8 and @valdemar1977


  • Debug the complete script or just parts of it
  • Display run status (line number of currently executed function)
  • GUI default always-on-top in the upper right corner for comfortable debugging
  • WM_NOTIFY and WM_COMMAND hook to prevent interference with possible message handlers
  • Display scope, type and value of variables, expressions, macro's and constants (global AND function local)
  • Execute commands in an immediate window. Can be expressions, functions and assignments
  • Detailed display of array, struct and object variables
  • Dynamic display of variable value in the source code (under cursor)
  • Array table viewer with ability to view the sub-arrays, the correct handling of macro @Error, @Extended and other changes
  • OEM and ANSI console output
  • Conditional breakpoints
  • Saving settings and debugging state
  • and much more...

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    • careca
      By careca
      Hi, having an issue with an application i did, seems to crash randomly, and can take hours to do so.
      Simply says in the error msgbox:
      AutoIt Error
      Line 16392 (whatevermyapppath.exe)
      Error: The requested action with this object has failed.
      Recent changes to the script include this:
      ObjGet("winmgmts:\\localhost\root\CIMV2") $oSelect_active_network_cards = $objWMIService.ExecQuery('SELECT ProductName FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE NetConnectionStatus = 2 OR NetConnectionStatus = 9', "WQL") For $oSelect_active_network_card In $oSelect_active_network_cards $Adapter = $oSelect_active_network_card.ProductName Next Is the only thing i can see that can be related to an "object"
      This lines run only once at the top of the script.
      When i run the script itself and wait for a crash, it doesn't, or at least yet i didn't.
      What do you think this error could be?
      UPDATE: Runing the script eventually output this:
      "C:\script.au3" (894) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:
      $oNetwork_cards = $objWMIService.ExecQuery('SELECT BytesReceivedPerSec, BytesSentPerSec FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface WHERE name LIKE "' & $Adapter & '"', "WQL")
      $oNetwork_cards = $objWMIService^ ERROR
    • aiter
      By aiter
      Anyone knows how to download the graphical autoitdebugger
      The download appears to have upped and died.
      Or an alternative?
    • Darien
      By Darien
      When an error occurs in a compiled script, the line number where the error occurred does not match. I noticed that blank lines and lines with only comments are ignored. in the attached example, it is advised that the error occurred on line 2, although in line 4. How to make it warned the correct line?
    • Mbee
      By Mbee
      I've never seen this error before using the AutoIt graphical debugger, but nothing I've tried everything I can think of.
      I've tried asking at FoolOnTheHill, the English language forum for this debugger, but apparently it's been dead for years.  And although it's possible the author's German language support forum is still running, I can't read or write German, and I can't find anywhere else to get support.
      What's happening is that I first set a breakpoint early on, and then when I press "Run", I'm now always getting the following error:
      Line 600 (File "C:\MyScripts\MyScript\Debug\MyScript.DebugScipt.au3"); #include "C:\MyScripts\MyScript\Debug\MyScript.DebugScipt.au3" Error: Error opening the file. Now, I've checked carefully, and everything in the Debug folder looks fine!  Nothing's set to read-only, nothing's hidden, and I can open all the files there just fine as well.
      I thought maybe my damn antivirus was getting in my way again, but I disabled it and the problem remains.  I've also tried deleting the Debug folder and letting the debugger create it from scratch, but that doesn't solve it either.
      I'm desperate for help, please!?
    • Simpel
      By Simpel
      I updated to the last version. Since then a lot of functions are not working.  For instance expanding abbreviation. My au3abbrev.properties are correct and abbrev.properties are including both import lines. The abbreviation is red but won't expand. Neither with space nor Ctrl+B.
      Debug to msgbox and console not working, list functions, jump to function, open include too.
      SciTE Jump works. Block and box comment too.
      I have the feeling all functions especially for autoit are not working.
      Any help? Regards, Conrad