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Use MouseClick()  mybe must/need:



DLL incuded on script!

; #INDEX# =================================================================================================
; Title .........: ImageSearch
; AutoIt Version : 3.x
; Language ......: English
; Description ...: Check image Appears or Not and Return the position of an image on the desktop
; Author(s) .....: Dao Van Trong - TRONG.LIVE
; =================================================================================================

; #CURRENT# =================================================================================================
; _ImageSearch
; _ImageSearch_Area
; _ImageSearch_Wait
; _ImageSearch_WaitArea
; =================================================================================================

; Author:...........: AutoIT VietNam : Dao Van Trong - TRONG.LIVE
; Description:......: Check image Appears or Not
;                     Find and return the position of an image on the desktop
; Syntax:........... _ImageSearch_Area, _ImageSearch
; Parameter(s):..... $_ImagePath:       The image to locate on the desktop
;                                       May be a list of image by delimited by "|"
;                                       i.e: $_ImagePath = "image1.bmp|image2.bmp|image3.bmp"
; $P_x1 $P_y1:                      Position of 1st point
; $P_x2 $P_y2:                      Position of 2nd point - Default is last botton right of desktop
; $_Tolerance:                      0 for no tolerance (0-255). Needed when colors of image differ from desktop. e.g GIF
;                   $_CenterPos:                        boolen. True will return $array[1] x $array[2] is center of image found.
;                                                           False will return top-left position
; Return Value(s):.. Return an array has 3 item
;                    On Success:                    $array[0] 1
; On Failure:                   $array[0] 0
;                    DLL not found or other error:  $array[0] -1
;                    $array[1] x $array[2]:             position of image what found on desktop
; Note:............. Use _ImageSearch to search the entire desktop
;                    _ImageSearch_Area to specify a desktop region to search
;                    $_ImagePath with more item need more time appear on screen before function can detect.
;                    Decrease sleep time in the loop to detect faster. But less performance. I.e CPULoad increased


#include "_ImageSearch.au3"
#include "_ImageSearch_Debug.au3"

HotKeySet("{Esc}", "_Exit") ; Press ESC for exit
Func _Exit()
    Exit 0
EndFunc   ;==>_Exit

Global Const $Ask_On_Found = 1
Global Const $Mouse_Move_On_Found = 1
Global Const $Mouse_Click_On_Found = 0

Global $_Image_1 = @ScriptDir & "\example.bmp"

; First, use this function to create a file bmp, maybe a desktop icon for example')
MsgBox(64 + 262144, 'ImageSearch', 'At first, create a file bmp,' & @CRLF & 'photos that will search on the screen!')

ConsoleWrite("! Search for images: " & $_Image_1 & @CRLF & '! Searching on the screen ...' & @CRLF)

While 1
    ToolTip('(Press ESC for EXIT) Searching ...', 1, 1)
    Local $return = _ImageSearch($_Image_1)
    If $return[0] = 1 Then
        ConsoleWrite('- Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2] & @CRLF)
        If $Mouse_Move_On_Found Then MouseMove($return[1], $return[2])
        If $Mouse_Click_On_Found Then MouseClick("left", $return[1], $return[2])
        ToolTip('(Press ESC for EXIT) Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2], 1, 1)
        If $Ask_On_Found Then
            Local $ask = MsgBox(6 + 262144, 'Success', 'Image found:' & " X=" & $return[1] & " Y=" & $return[2])
            If $ask = 2 Or $ask = 3 Or $ask = 5 Or $ask = 7 Then Exit ;No, Abort, Cancel, and Ignore
            If $ask = 10 Then _ImageSearch_Create_BMP($_Image_1) ; Continue       ;Try Again



Video demo:


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