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Found 10 results

  1. mesale0077 asked me whether I could code some CSS loading animations from different web sites. These are the results using GDI+ (AutoIt v3.3.12.0+ required!): _GDIPlus_MonochromaticBlinker.au3 / _GDIPlus_RotatingBokeh.au3 _GDIPlus_SpinningCandy.au3 / _GDIPlus_SteamPunkLoading.au3 _GDIPlus_IncreasingBalls.au3 / _GDIPlus_PacmanProgressbar.au3 _GDIPlus_StripProgressbar.au3 / _GDIPlus_RingProgressbar.au3 _GDIPlus_LineProgressbar.au3 / _GDIPlus_SimpleLoadingAnim.au3 _GDIPlus_TextFillingWithWater.au3 / _GDIPlus_MultiColorLoader.au3 _GDIPlus_LoadingSpinner.au3 / _GDIPlus
  2. Function Reference _GUIResourcePic.au3 Functions related to the image control in the GUI. Sintax: _GUICtrlPic_Create( FileName, Left, Top [, Width [, Height [, Style [, ExStyle ]]]]]] ) _GUICtrlPic_SetImage( controlID, FileName [, FixSize ]]) _GUICtrlPic_Delete( controlID ) _GUICtrlPic_Release( controlID ) _GUICtrlPic_SetState( controlID, state ) _GUICtrlPic_GetInfo( FileName or Control ID ) Supports: ; Images in the format: .bmp, .jpg, .png, .gif {animated} and other formats of files for resources (.exe, .dll, .ocx, .cpl...). ; For the "resources", use the "FileName" in this format: "MyF
  3. Hello! I've been working on this UDF for some time, but when I read Seeking "kinetic typography" capability in au3 topic, I decided to share it. This UDF brings some functions for creating animations in GDI+ without worrying about rendering or calculating. Features: Adding basic shapes (rectangle, ellipse) and text Animating object properties (like position or size) Animatable transformations (translate, rotate, scale) Double-buffering Rendering to a window or GUI control Enjoy! Motion Graphics UDF
  4. Since monoceres has released I searched for a way to map the 2D image of the earth to a 3D sphere with rotation. Here the result (after 9 years of research ^^) as a non realistic physical animation: ==> Due to the fact that AutoIt / GDI+ are not that fast I couldn't add a moon animation additionally. Thanks to one of Eukalyptus' code to pointing me to the right direction. U rock man. Source code extract only - not working because of missing binary data (images): ;coded by UEZ build 2017-03-18 #pragma compile(x64, false) #p
  5. Version 0.0.8


    Simple UDF for creating animations in GDI+ If you want to see more "experimental" features, go to GitHub.
  6. Here a little Outro for all the animation lovers which I created when I played around with spheres. Download: Sphere Outro.7z --=> 7-Zip archive Credits: Eukalyptus (GDIPlusEx.au3 -> don't search for it because it is not released for the public ) wakillon & TitchySID.dll creator If it is too slow reduce the stars in line 77 (-=> $iStars) If you cannot see the fade in/out text change in line 152 the font name from "Plantagenet Cherokee" to "Times New Roman"!
  7. Here a version of a splash text variant using GDI+. Requires AutoIt v3.3.12.0 or higher! Source code download: UDF: _SplashTextEx.au3 (previous downloads: 135) Example: Example1.au3 (previous downloads: 127) Might be useful for someone... Please report any bugs.
  8. I have an edit box that I wanted to keep tabs of the line number in real-time. For an example, if a user enter 3 lines, the counter should update as soon as the user hit "Enter" after the 3rd entry. I managed to do it but it's not real-time. Program would hung or slow to response after I hit the "Configuration" button. Many thanks! ; Testing Host Count #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiEdit.au3> #include <StaticConstants.au3> Example() Func Example() Local $hostLabel, $hostEdit, $button, $msg, $count, $hostname GUICreate("Host Count") ; will create
  9. Is it possible to resize a window without jsut making it bigger, but make the sides moving outwards / inwards to resize the window.
  10. Entertainment The idea was to adapt the eagle.au3 example posted by mesale0077 making the bird fly across the monitor. This is the result: eagle fly GreenCan.au3 But, I was not really happy with the result, so I thought, maybe use the original animated gif and move it across the monitor using a transparent GUI. This is a script based on an example of trancexx' GIFAnimation udf. GIFAnimation.au3 is required for below example and can be found here: GIFAnimation.au3 I think the result is much better than the perforated GUI. The script is a kind of a screen saver, or at least a distractor for t
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