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Found 7 results

  1. "vintage" terminal This is a funny old style terminal simulator capable to understand and interpretate ANSI escape sequences. It allows printing of text in various colors and are also allowed styles like underline, italic, blink and flash You can print in any position of the screen by using some dedicated functions or by simply printing whole strings with embedded appropriate ANSI escape sequences. You can use it as a simil-terminal that fit within a whole window, or as an embeddable GUI control you can place within your GUI. Even if i've enjoyed on building this, I've to say
  2. Hi, this is a followup from this previous post (https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/192953-regexp-and-ansi-escape-sequences/ I'm trying to make an ANSI file viewer. Some basic functions, even if still with some issues, let me do some early tests. I use a Rich Edit control as the "blackboard" where to print colored chars coming from the ANSI file (downloaded from the net), and in this "pre alpha" testing, I'm facing on a "basic" problem, that is: the chars are viewed with a wrong code page. I think that should be printed using the 437 codepage, but even trying to convert the string
  3. regex and iso escape sequences Hi, I would like to extract all ISO escape squences embedded in a string and separate them from the rest of the string, still keeping the information about their position, so that, for exemple, a string like this one (or even more complex): (the string could start with normal text or iso sequences) '\u001B[4mUnicorn\u001B[0m' should be 'transformed' in an array like this $a[0] = '\u001B[4m' ; first iso escape sequence $a[1] = 'Unicorn' ; normal text $a[2] = '\u001B[4m' ; second iso escape sequen
  4. Hello, i need to save files with ANSI-Encoding. Since Auto-It it doesn't work in any direction. I tried the following: #include <FileConstants.au3> FileDelete(@ScriptDir&"\Test.txt") $o = FileOpen(@ScriptDir&"\Test.txt", BitOR($FO_BINARY,$FO_ANSI,$FO_OVERWRITE)) FileWrite($o, "Test") FileClose($o) Or #include <FileConstants.au3> FileDelete(@ScriptDir&"\Test.txt") $o = FileOpen(@ScriptDir&"\Test.txt", 514) FileWrite($o, "Test") FileClose($o) Both create UTF-8 en
  5. sqlite database written in ANSI code reading´╝čThe current version is based on UTF 8 encoding to read and writeŃÇé UNICODE or ANSI transfer method
  6. Hello, can anybody tell me what is wrong with the uincode version of my C Run() function? Ansi Version works fine, but I have no clue why CreateProcess does not work in Unicode. #include <windows.h> int RunA(LPSTR szRun) { PROCESS_INFORMATION pi; STARTUPINFOA si; ZeroMemory(&si, sizeof(si)); si.cb = sizeof(si); ZeroMemory(&pi, sizeof(pi)); char szDir[1024]; GetCurrentDirectoryA(sizeof(szDir), szDir); if (!CreateProcessA(NULL, szRun, NULL, NULL, FALSE, 0, NULL, szDir, &si, &pi)) { return 1; } CloseHandle(pi.hThread); return 0; } int RunW(LPWSTR
  7. _WinGetTextFixed & _StringFixANSIInWide Update: Text problems no longer exist as of v3.3.9.11 Sick of getting rows of '?' from WinGetText, ControlGetText, and other AutoIt functions? The problem lies in the way the text is encoded - AutoIt 'sees' a Windows wide string (UTF-16), but in reality it grabs a string of 8-bit ANSI characters and shoves them into a 16-bit wide string. Here's a small example: Original string "x4" with null-term as an ANSI string sequence: 0x78 0x34 0x00 Same string interpreted as Unicode (reversal is due to little-endian encoding): 0x3478 0x00 The latter
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