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  1. I have this example string: 2020-06-08 09:23:33 : abcdefghifjklm How to trim just the right part? Or how to trim this text right to left? I want to trim this string right to left until ' : '. In ohter words: I need the 'abcdefghifklm' text. I have tried StringTrimRight, but that requires The number of characters to trim. Unfortunately StringSplit trims the left part of the strings.
  2. AU3Text.au3 v1.0 An extensive UDF to ease the internationalization of AutoIt scripts and programs. Add multi-lingual support to your scripts and programs in a consistent and portable manner. Main features: Store messages in a human-readable INI format.Organize messages in different categories.Handle singular and plural string variants at run time.Expands meta-characters and all AutoIt macro's.Supports UTF-16 Little-Endian encoding.GUI Menu and Combo Create/Read helper functions.Command line utility to extract messages from AutoIt scripts.Fully portable!The download contains the following file
  3. Hi, I have a string like this : Global $Msga = "urrent directory is /send. (Submission of file with log number 29381077284 is confirmed)"; I want to extract the number 29381077284 from the string. I did StringSplit to split based on "(" and then use space to reach there, But it's not a good choice. Can anyone help me with regular expression to find the number from String using AutoIT. TIA
  4. Version 2.84


    This is my take on string triggers, triggers on specific strings. Able to simple text pasting, opening links (as long as there's a www. http:\\ or https:\\ at the beggining) and is able to open applications, if there is a parameter in the parameter field, it uses it. Shows your external, lan, and gateway ip's. Able to change system volume by a set percentage, reading from the inputbox the number the user sets, if 0 or empty uses system default. I made this because the existing string trigger applications didn't do it for me. I did this for me, but if someone
  5. Hi guys!, i have a problem to convert Python code to AutoIt code, in fact i had not coded with Python yet!, this code is about permutation a string's case, i will be happy with your comments :)❤; Python code: # Python code to print all permutations # with respect to cases # Function to generate permutations def permute(inp): n = len(inp) # Number of permutations is 2^n mx = 1 << n # Converting string to lower case inp = inp.lower() # Using all subsequences and permuting them for i in range(mx): # If j-th bit is set, we convert it to upper case com
  6. i am trying to get number from string using this code : #include <IE.au3> $oIE = _IEAttach ("Edu.corner") Local $aName = "Student name & Code:", $iaName = "0" Local $oTds = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "td") For $oTd In $oTds If $oTd.InnerText = $aName Then $iaName = $oTd.NextElementSibling.InnerText $iGet = StringRegExpReplace($iaName, "\D", "") EndIf Next MsgBox(0, "", $iGet) it was get number like 52503058 But, I want to get only student code 5250. (Different student have
  7. Hi All, I intend on keeping custom functions/UDFs (works in progress) here; if anyone wants to use any code, feel free. String functions: #AutoIt3Wrapper_AU3Check_Parameters=-d -w- 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w 4 -w 5 -w 6 #include-once ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: _DateTimeGet ; Description ...: Returns the date and time formatted for use in sortable filenames, logs, listviews, etc. ; Syntax ........: _DateTimeGet(iType = 1[, $bHumanFormat = False]) ; Parameters ..
  8. good morning sirs. please i have a request from you. i have an variable to Read a data from a file this data is Encrypted and when i read it i Decrypte it. for that i need a function to Write a ini data to string. ;#Function# ===================================================================================================================== ; Name............: _IniReadFromString ; Description.....: Returns the value of a key in a specific section of an ini-formatted string ; Syntax..........: _IniReadFromString($szInput, $szSection, $szKey, $Default) ; Parame
  9. hello sirs, i have searched allot about an function that can read the INI file as a string i mean function to read the ini files from string and not from the file directly. i finally found an UDF that do what i want but unfortunately all the functions work, but the function that i want it not working. this is the udf the function that i need is _IniReadFromString this is the function Func _IniReadFromString($szInput, $szSection, $szKey, $Default) $szInput = StringStripCR($szInput) Local $aRegMl = StringRegExp($szInput, "\[" & __StringEscapeRegExp($szS
  10. Here is an other UDF for string handling : Date handling _StringDateConvert: convert a date from one format ("YMD", "MDY" or "DMY") to another. _StringIsDate: checks if a date with a given format is valid String management _StringCount: count of occurrences that appear in a string _StringFormatBytesSize: formatting a dimension expressed in bytes (bytes) in MB, TB, ...) _StringIsEndingWith: check if a string end with some characters _StringIsStartingWith: check if a string start with some characters _StringJoinArray: concatenate elements of an arr
  11. Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday festivities. I'm working on a script that involves copying a string of text from an Excel workbook and searching for it in a particular website's search tool. If a result is found, it will do something. If not, it will do something else. So far, it can successfully execute the search -- and then it shows me the results in an array. Screenshot of the successful search: The search results in an array: Here's the code (sorry for all my comments): ;~ All the functions this app performs require the
  12. I need help turning this string "20180913221626" into a formatted time string. I need to go from this: 20180913221626 to this: 09/13/2018 10:16 PM I do not always know what the date will be so I can not just use a variable I need to actually convert/format. I did see an older post in the forms that was basically the same question only the other guy did not post the working code and I can not figure out how to use _AD_GetObjectProperties properly to get what I want. As always any help would be appreciated. Here is the code I use to find the date, but it always g
  13. I got that func Func makeHelpImgGUI($title,$width,$height,$img) $img = GUICtrlCreatePic("",20,40,$width,$height) _ResourceSetImageToCtrl($img, "HERE") EndFunc and I call this func like that makeHelpImgGUI("Image",1190, 800,$SETTINGS_JPG) so what is the problem in the parameter where is - "HERE" I need value of img but passed as string so $img = $SETTINGS_JPG and how make it "SETTINGS_JPG" I tried something like that but not work Func makeHelpImgGUI($title,$width,$height,$img) $name_str = String($img) $nam
  14. Hello everyone, How can I display in ascending sequence some numbers stored in a string variable? $str = "18,03,48,23" MsgBox(0,"test",$str) I would like it to display "03,18,23,48"
  15. Hi, I have the following line in a text file 'input.txt'. I know the line number - say '6'. I wish to replace the text 'WWW' in the below line with a random number (I can generate that with random()). WERIS WWWJP 3.83 8.330 1.000 1097.RAXX The WWW is a 3 digit integer (could be any number between 0 to 999), I can use stringtrimleft and get the numerical value of WWW in this file so, basically, I know the string to replace (ie; WWW stored in a variable), I know the line number to work on and the file location/name and the replacement variable (through random(
  16. Hello Members of this best Forum i have a question please for example if i have a long string and i want to extract a text between two tag what i can do to make that? note : i know that there is a StringRegExp function it's do that work but it result is be as an array i want the result to be a string is there any function on autoit can do that? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello! I wrote myself a script to follow Google Maps Polyline encoding steps: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/utilities/polylinealgorithm, and that works (although I think that it's a bit janky), but now I'm having issues getting the output. When I run the script, all the points come out correctly in the console, and even when they're the only things that I log, it displays them fine. However, I'm adding each point into a variable to return all of them at once at the end, fully formatted, and it's only taking the very first point. I can't figure out wha
  18. Hi All, I'd like to replace 'COMMA' with ',' for example: $myString = "COMMA" StringRegExpReplace($myString, 'COMMA', ',') Now I've tried escaping the ',' in various ways unsuccessfully, such as: '[,]' "[,]" '\,' [,] seems to work in the pattern, I just can't figure out how to use it in the replace, and it seems everyone online is only interested in removing/replacing commas lol. I also tried creating and using a variable as the replacement but also didn't work: $myComma = "," $myString = "COMMA" StringRegExpRep
  19. Hello, I am getting this error message when running my script: Case $aButiD[0] To $aButiD[$iTotButtons - 1] Case ^ ERROR Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded. The script's purpose is to read my ini file and create buttons for the sections and section contents. The first part of the script creates buttons for the sections of the ini, once you click on the section button it should open another set of buttons of all the contents under the section In this case, the section in the .ini file is called "TP
  20. Hi, i want to read a particular string from a text file using autoit. i wish to read it without explicitly opening the text file. the copied string should be then transferred to an excelbook (again, no need to explicitly open the excel book)... with reference to my screenshot attached, my input to the 'script'' is going to be 0017-0008, and the script should copy the highlighted two lines from the input file to excel thanks
  21. Hello again, I'm trying to use the FileMove function to rename a bunch of text files. Some of the files have "_1" at the end of their name, for example, "File123_1.txt". I want to remove the "_1" so it would become "File123.txt". What I currently have... FileMove($sSource & "\*_1.txt", $sDestination & "\*.txt") But since I'm using a wildcard, it doesn't appear to be working. I think it's just replacing .txt with .txt. Am I going about this the wrong way? How can I use wildcards and still accomplish this? Any help is greatly appreciated ^__^
  22. I have date in the string format as "DD-MM-YYYY". I need to get yesterday's date from it. I tried converting this from _DateTimeFormat but not working. Is there any direct UDF available to get this.?
  23. Hi all, I got this code and would like to be able to change Baud Rate and instead of sending character by character i would like to be able (if possible) to send whole string. But i don't know how to change it. I am taking input from file and processing whole line (this is done in FilesHandling.au3). To execute this i am just calling SendData("FileName", int) in "main" script. Any help very appreciated. #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include "FilesHandling.au3" ;init DLL function, we need handle to call the function $h =
  24. Hi, i have a problem :" can't set the name of file with a special character like: \;/;";|;... have anyway to short the StringInSrt and Stringreplace? i am using this code but too long $title=InputBox(0,'','','') if StringInStr($title,'\') or StringInStr($title,'/') or StringInStr($title,':') or StringInStr($title,'*') or StringInStr($title,'?') or StringInStr($title,'"') or StringInStr($title,'<') or StringInStr($title,'>') or StringInStr($title,'|') Then $title=StringReplace($title,'\','-') $title=StringReplace($title,'/','-') $title=StringReplace($
  25. I need a random string generator which creates 15 letters/numbers. How can I make that?
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