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Found 16 results

  1. ciao I have a Delphi compiled program that I use for work and I can read some logs with this function: Func __ReadExternalListBox() Local $hListBox, $iItemCount $hListBox = ControlGetHandle("Software Setup", "", "[CLASS:TListBox; INSTANCE:1]") ConsoleWrite("$hListBox = " & $hListBox & @CRLF) $iItemCount = _GUICtrlListBox_GetCount($hListBox) For $i = $iStart To $iItemCount - 1 ConsoleWrite(GUICtrlListBox_GetText($hListBox,$i) & @CRLF) Next EndFunc ;==>__ReadExternalListBox I can find pid and full path of the process. The problem is when I must open another process: I can't read the new ListBox because the title of the window to read is the same and the function $hListBox = ControlGetHandle("Software Setup", "", "[CLASS:TListBox; INSTANCE:1]") return me only one handle. With Autoinfo I can read handle: is, for this instance, 0x0001099C and is $hListBox But I need to automize some function and I can't always change in runtime this values. Ideas? Is there e method to read this title windows associated to a determined pid? PS: I don't need the handle from the pid windows application, but from its control if I use _WinAPI_EnumProcessWindows() the function return me window handle, not Control handle I In this case Windows Handle is 0x001007DA but I need Control Handle that is 0x0001099C Thankyou Marco
  2. hello sirs, please i created a tool witch get the focused control in a window and play a audio file linked with this controls e.g buttons, checkBoxes, radios, comboboxes, and others i know that their is a function that give us the control focus but it return the classNN i want to get the class name to use it with a switch and because their are more than class e.g button tbutton timagebutton tnewButton... please can any one help me to get the class name not the classnn thanks in advance
  3. Greetings! I am in need of your guidance once again. I searched the forums for clicking in span, clicking by class, clicking without an ID or Name, etc., but I am unable to find a solution for my problem. I am trying to expand this tree in IE. There is an arrow ( > ) that i need to click, but I can't find a way to do it . Alternatively, I can double-click the text "Servers", but that seems to be even more troublesome. I will have to do this 2-3 more times as the tree expands. There appears to be an ID for the tree, simply called "tree", but that isn't working when I send a click to it. ;Open an IE session and navigate to pgAdmin. Global $oIE = _IECreate($pgAdmin) ;Maximize the IE window. WinSetState(_IEPropertyGet($oIE, "hwnd"), "", @SW_MAXIMIZE) Sleep(2000) ;Expand the tree $oTree = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "tree") _IEAction($oTree, "click") Any ideas?
  4. Hello again! I have tried searching for quite some time now but couldn´t find a single working way to change the class of your GUI that doesn´t include changing it manually after its compilation. First or "AutoIt v3 GUI" is a pretty boring name tbh and i would like to spice it up a bit, also, and more importantly, I would like to identify my windows by something other than its title as it will change depending on some factors and im using two different programs independently as multi threading isn't supported. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Hello everybody, i've spent hours to google and find out how to get content of scrollable list view of our CMS Software... i checked it with the "AutotIT window info" tool, but the only things I get are this: Class: Qt5QWindowIcon Instance: 18 but how can I get list contents of a class like that? I was using AutoIT couple a months ago (but it was a ListView32 box) <-- was easy Thanks for any hints... Rickey P.S: I also checked the AutoIT Editors help pages (Keywords: "Qt5QWindowIcon" "Qt5Q", nut cant find nothing... Thanks!
  6. I need to click on the text "Batch submission" but I can not! <div class="batchmenu2" onclick="Go('/lot/')" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> <span class="iconep">l</span> <div class="menu"> <b>Batch submission</b> <br> Bulk messages via file </div> </div> How could I do it? How can I click the specific OnClick?
  7. Hi, I have created a bit of code to enable a script to find named controls on a userform, even though the MS CLASS description changes between machines. e.g. The CLASS "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.24b689f_r14_ad1" for a text box on one PC is different on another. The below code, (a cut-down version of the code from jdelaney original post) loops through all the controls and finds the first one with the desired string in the control class name - in this case "EDIT". This name is then usable for setting the text using ControlSetText. #include <array.au3> WinActivate("Edit Part Rule") $TheClassName = GetAllWindowsControls(WinGetHandle("Edit Part Rule"), "EDIT") ;Sleep(500) ControlSetText("Edit Part Rule", "", "[CLASS:" & $TheClassName & "; INSTANCE:3]", $CmdLine[1]) ControlSetText("Edit Part Rule", "", "[CLASS:" & $TheClassName & "; INSTANCE:4]", $CmdLine[2]) Func GetAllWindowsControls($hCallersWindow, $sStringIncludes) ; Get all list of controls $sClassList = WinGetClassList($hCallersWindow) ; Create array $aClassList = StringSplit($sClassList, @CRLF, 2) ; Sort array _ArraySort($aClassList) _ArrayDelete($aClassList, 0) ; Loop For $i = 0 To UBound($aClassList) - 1 If StringInStr($aClassList[$i], $sStringIncludes) Then Return $aClassList[$i] EndIf Next EndFunc ;==>GetAllWindowsControls If anyone has any suggestions to improve it, or a better way to achieve the same thing, please let me know.
  8. Here is another WMIC script that parses properties from various alias classes. ie: COMPUTERSYSTEM, CDROM, IDECONTROLLER, DISKDRIVE, etc. Download: WMIC_GET.au3
  9. Hello guys, I need to be able to make a mouse click on a program. Via Windows AutoIT info I managed to recover the data that are needed me but I can not make him do the left click. $gat = WinGetHandle("[TITLE:GAT.crm [DIST ]; CLASS:OMain; INSTANCE:1]", "") ControlClick($gat, "", "PAUSA") did I do something wrong?
  10. How do I close a usb pop up window with auto it. If one plugs in a usb a pop up window appears like "would you like to check and repait the device..." The window has a window class of #32770, since I have to open permanently another window with that same class, I cannot WinClose("[#32770]"). Is it possible to close the window with it's Basic Control Info Class? In this case it would be 'DirectUIHWND'
  11. Hi everybody! Here is my new super tool! It's an AutoItObject TCP Class! Very simple to use, with example and complet decumentation (Made with NaturalDocs) There are two classes: Client, and Server. - The data are encrypted! - The server can handle multiple clients - Data buffering, if you send a big amount of data, it will received as it was sent, not as many little parts of it - OOP programing! (very simple!) PS: You don't need to download AutoItObject, everything you need is in the zip. Update: 03/11/2011 +: Added, -: Deleted/Deprecated, *: Modified, !: Bug corrected === 1.1c === (30/10/2011) Server: +: ClientGetBufferLen method +: Completed doc of ClientPropertyGet and ClientPropertySet methods (Return values) *: Now, when calling .Shutdown, the Callback_LostClient is called for each client. !: Corrected bug: Script error when calling .DisconnectAll befor calling at least one time .Startup (Main socket array was not dimensioned)UDF_TCPClass.rar
  12. Hello, i have the following question i am trying to extract the content from a specific div. i know that there is a command "_IEGetObjById($oIE, "divID")" but i end up with to much garbage because the div containing a id; have a couple of child div which only have a class. so i wondered is there a possibility to look for class name in stat of a ID?
  13. I'm at a complete loss. I can't get window class to work, at all. Example: WinActivate("[CLASS:Notepad]") Doesn't bring notepad window forward. Whichever scripts I've ever written, window class name never worked for me. AutoIT; Windows 7. I think I even had the same issue in WinXP. What can be the problem? ----------------------- Hmm... I don't know... works half of the time. Maybe Im just making errors in scripts. I better withdraw my question until I have more details. It could be my mistake. Pardon me for the inconvenience.
  14. Hello AU3Forum, I have a Internet Explorer window opened( I thinks its somehow a control class in IE,but anyway ) and I need to retrieve or take all the links from that page. How can I do this ??
  15. I'm trying to pull the class from a table. I have no problem pulling the href but the class is giving me errors. Here is what i'm trying to do. $oForm = _IETableGetCollection ($oIE, 3) $oLinks = _IETagnameGetCollection($oForm, "TR") For $oLink in $oLinks ConsoleWrite($oLink.class & @CRLF) NextSo it appears i can't call for .class like i am. Does anyone have any suggestions? This seems to work just fine though $oForm = _IETableGetCollection ($oIE, 3) $oLinks = _IETagnameGetCollection($oForm, "a") For $oLink in $oLinks ConsoleWrite($oLink.href & @CRLF) Next An example of one of the cells in the table-- <tr align="left" class="color"><td><a href="http://autoitscript.com">Good friendly People</a></td> So what i'm looking for is how to pull out the "color" and add it to the table i'm creating in the next step. I'd really like to just look within the table and not the entire sheet. Thanks!
  16. I'm trying to automate some things utilizing both firefox and chrome and a flash website. I would like to know the best and fastest way to correctly identify the flash control (and instance) for both browsers. Here is the code that I use now. I had to remove the instance checking because it wasn't identifying anything. Called in every loop of the main program: Func CheckHWnd($HWnd, $Call) Local $size = WinGetPos($HWnd) Select Case (Not IsArray($size) Or Not IsDeclared($size[3])) Or $HWnd = "" Call($Call) Return Case Else If ($size[2] <> 1024 Or $size[3] <> 820) Then Call($Call) EndSelect EndFunc ;==>CheckHWnd The above function will call either of these functions: Func GetFireFox() Local $classlist = StringSplit(WinGetClassList($Title_Firefox, ""), @LF, 2) Local $PluginWindows = _ArrayFindAll($classlist, "GeckoPluginWindow") For $flash = 0 To (UBound($PluginWindows) - 1) Local $str = "[CLASS:GeckoPluginWindow]" Local $FFC = ControlGetHandle($Title_Firefox, "", $str) Local $posi = WinGetPos($FFC, "") If ($posi[2] = 1024) Then $FF_Pos = $posi $FireFoxCtrl = $FFC Return $FFC EndIf Next Return $FireFoxCtrl EndFunc ;==>GetFireFox Func GetChrome() Local $classlist = StringSplit(WinGetClassList($Title_Chrome, ""), @LF, 2) Local $PluginWindows = _ArrayFindAll($classlist, "NativeWindowClass") For $flash = 0 To (UBound($PluginWindows) - 1) Local $str = "[CLASS:NativeWindowClass]" Local $CHC = ControlGetHandle($Title_Chrome, "", $str) Local $posi = WinGetPos($CHC, "") If ($posi[2] = 1024) Then $CH_Pos = $posi $ChromeCtrl = $CHC Return $CHC EndIf Next Return $ChromeCtrl EndFunc ;==>GetChrome I use the returned HWnd pointer in both direct drawing and in these functions: Func FirefoxClick($x, $y) ControlClick("", "", $FireFoxCtrl, "primary", 1, $x, $y) EndFunc ;==>FirefoxClick Func ChromeClick($x, $y) ControlClick("", "", $ChromeCtrl, "primary", 1, $x, $y) EndFunc ;==>ChromeClick The direct drawing (a cross and text, found in these forums) and the clicking work correctly, when the pointer is valid. But, say, when the window in chrome is refreshed and the flash plugin instance is incremented. It doesn't return the correct pointer at all. If you know of any ways to optimize this code, or correctly identify the instance number, I would much appreciate it.
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