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Found 10 results

  1. I will try to maintain this topic by inserting links in the first post (here) to the snippets to keep track of the snippets. My examples are using AndyG's AssembleIt UDF / AssembleIt2 UDF which is here: AssembleIt.au3 (needs FASM.au3 -> see link below (ward)) ;AssembleIt by Andy @ www.autoit.de ;BIG thx to progandy for the "Buttons" in the debugger ;see examples how to call _AssembleIt() ;Listview changed in Debugger 12.05.2012 ;SSE-Register are nor in the right direction (bitwise from right to left) 20.02.2012 ;Debugger included 07.04.2011 ;modified by UE
  2. User asked about checking for cpuid features that weren't supported by _WinAPI_IsProcessorFeaturePresent() I researched it a bit and found that 'Andreik' executed some asm on the fly to get vendorID which quite frankly is amazing So I ran with it and created a function that is more general purpose and good for x86 and x64 #include <String.au3> #include <Memory.au3> Test(); Func Test() Local $sFeat1D = "" Local $aFeat1D[32] = ["FPU","VME","DE","PSE","TSC","MSR","PAE","MC
  3. Special thanks to Ward for his udf and Trancexx for her assembly examples as they have played a huge role in my learning of asm. UDF Requires >Beta version or higher. Also Requires >Wards Fasm UDF. Direct Download Link FASMEx.zip FasmEx 9-29-2013.zip This is dead. See new version here :
  4. Simple snowfall using GDI+ & ASM. Thanks to Eukalyptus for the ASM codes. If the script runs too slow reduce the amount of flakes in line 115. You can switch now between local MP3 stream and internet stream. Further you can also set the scrolling text. Command line options: -local "<path to local MP3 file>" -url "<URL to a MP3 file>" -text "<your individual text>" Max. text length are 500 chars. Don't forget the double quotes after the parameters! Download: click me Happy snowin
  5. UEZ

    GDI+ Snowfall

    Version build 2016-01-17


    Simple snowfall using GDI+ & ASM. Thanks to Eukalyptus for the ASM codes. If the script runs too slow reduce the amount of flakes in line 48. For more information please visit the forum thread. Happy snowing.
  6. Here a little Outro for all the animation lovers which I created when I played around with spheres. Download: Sphere Outro.7z --=> 7-Zip archive Credits: Eukalyptus (GDIPlusEx.au3 -> don't search for it because it is not released for the public ) wakillon & TitchySID.dll creator If it is too slow reduce the stars in line 77 (-=> $iStars) If you cannot see the fade in/out text change in line 152 the font name from "Plantagenet Cherokee" to "Times New Roman"!
  7. Here's 2 base64 machine code functions I wrote that came out pretty good. Both encode and decode are x64 capable. Comparing times for encoding/decoding the autoit.exe with Microsofts functions, I got them beat by a good percentage for both x84/x64 decode functions. I'm pretty sure thats due to my reverse index idea. It ended up working very well. I beat there x86 encode by a little bit, but they got me beat by just a hair for x64 encode. The attachment includes example that has the time tests I did, plus has the assembly source. Let me know if you have any issues or see something that is scew
  8. I was asked by mesale0077 whether I could write a code to transfer an image to pixel coordinates to have the perforated GUI effect which was introduced by GreenCan. Here the result: Download: Perforator v1.25 build 2015-06-30 beta.7z (previous downloads: 501) Requires AutoIt v3.3.11.5 or higher! Thanks to GreenCan for the original perforated GUI code, eukalyptus for the optimized pixel array code, mesale0077 for additional help and suggestions, AndyG for the ASM codes, Ward for MemoryDLL.au3, Yashied for the _WinAPIEx.au3 lib, http://www.cooltext.com for the Logo, AZIO for this GUI d
  9. Eukalyptus the GDI+ guru ported the Warp Text to Splines to GDI+ (thread on German forum with examples). I had the idea to mix his example 7 with some GDI+ elements to create an old school Amiga style intro. Here how it looks: It is very CPU intensive and running with acceptable speed only on newer CPUs. Download: Text to Bezier Intro.7z (20 downloads previously) Use latest 7-Zip tool to extract archive properly. Source Code can be seen here: http://pastebin.com/U24ACRAr Credits: see scroller. To start the intro in benchmark mode either change line 23 or compile it and start i
  10. I've been searching everywhere but it's like no one talks about it or something, question is, how the heck do I get the home drive letter in assembly? I need to make this string automatically change to the correct users home drive lable~ "%s:\Documents and Settings\TEST\Desktop\Log.dat" I can't find anything on google about or related to it, it's like google has an anti asm fetish. Also, is it me or are these forums getting a little slower?
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