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Found 9 results

  1. PDH Performance Counters Measure Process, CPU, Network, Process, Disk (etc) Usage (note that the above dialog appears differently on Vista+) New ObjectBase interface!! *x64 and Localization Issues have been resolved!* *Download and License agreement are at the bottom of this post! About The Project: Performance Counters gather all kind of performance data about the PC and the Network using the standard PDH.DLL module (standard since Windows 2000). Among the performance data you can collect and monitor are: Processor Stats (including total usage)Process (programs) Stats (including CPU usage
  2. I'm building a tool to remotely monitor CPU usage on my server. I have a working tool but I have a few issues I'd like some help with. 1. The app uses more system memory on a continual growth rate... It eventually starts displaying strange artifacts and the background flashes between black and and white behind the GDI+ elements. I determined this couldn't be left to run for any amount of time (greater than 15-20 minutes) - Very frustrating. I suspect it's because it keeps drawing new GDI+ elements to replace the previous cycle ... the $bar1 = "" is enough to remove the image a
  3. How do I setup a Hotkey without using so much of the CPU. There must be a better way. A.T. HotKey Patient History.au3
  4. Im looking to measure cpu usage thats free, and measure cpu usage of a program. My goal is to turn intel speed step off under light cpu load. I think I can do that, if I can find the cpu usage.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have been using a script at work for the last 6 months or so. It gets some information from the window title and keeps it in its memory for retrieval. currently I am running an infinite loop to look for the window title, the information in the memory is only updated if a few window title is detected. The trouble with this approach as you can see, is the cpu usage. I was wondering if somehow I can only run this script when a windows change event occurs, otherwise the script stays dormant. I have no idea how to do that, searched on forum and found some solutions that were
  6. CPU Multi-Processor Usage This is an example of getting and displaying processor usage for all processors in a system. It uses the 'undocumented' NtQuerySystemInformation function to gather processor usage information and then does calculations based on the delta of two readings. I wrote this as an alternative to using my >Performance Counters UDF - specifically, check out >Example # 4: System CPU Usage (by Processor). There is now a new interface, as well as two ways to track CPU usage. The first method tracks usage for all CPU's, and additionally produces an overall CPU usage re
  7. Hi all this is a part from my script #include <Misc.au3> $dll = DllOpen("user32.dll") While 1 If _IsPressed("31", $dll) Then one() If _IsPressed("32", $dll) Then two() WEnd Func one() MsgBox(0, "", "1") While _IsPressed("31") or _IsPressed("61") Sleep(1) WEnd EndFunc Func two() MsgBox(0,"", "2") While _IsPressed("32") or _IsPressed("62") Sleep(1) WEnd EndFunc it is working fine but it takes 30 % of the CPU usage and it is a small simple script when i put sleep(100) in the while loop the CPU is 1% i think that this is a good solution but not for my
  8. Process CPU Usage Trackers As yet another alternative to the Performance Counters UDF, I've created this UDF to allow easy tracking of one or more processes's CPU usage. While this has obviously been done before, I haven't seen it done the way I've created it. Basically, just as the Performance Counters had Process Counter objects, so this too has Process Usage trackers. They are relatively simple to use, and require very little interaction other than invoking the functions. To create a new tracker object, call one of these: _ProcessUsageTracker_Create() ; Single process tracker _P
  9. AutoIt SysInfo Clock is a small tool in widget style to show the clock, current CPU usage, CPU speed, memory usage and network activity (tcp, ip and udp). Additionally you can use it as an alarm clock. To stop alarm clock tone press the left LED (mail) or wait 60 seconds. The current CPU usage code is beta and might be not working for some CPUs! Main window: Move mouse to area below seconds and press rmb to select different color scheme. Alarm Clock window: Tray menu: Credits: see scroller (select About). Special thanks to trancexx for helping me to read out current CPU
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