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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, all! Today I present to you an updated version of Easy Mp3. After releasing version 1.0, I found several bugs that I fixed and added a few new features. Details can be found in the Changelog (check the Help menu). What makes Easy Mp3 special? Ease of use. I started this project because I love FLAC, but my car stereo does not and the transcoding programs out there are tedious to work with, have confusing settings, you cannot drop multiple folders into it and get a good result and finally, the nagging to buy it or check for updates. When you drag & drop a folder full of
  2. This ffmpeg snippet has proven useful more than once, so figured I would share. $file = FileOpenDialog("Select Video" , @ScriptDir , "ALL(*.*)") $start = inputbox( "Start Time" , "Enter Capture Start Time in Seconds - 0 is the beginning") $length = inputbox ("Length of Capture" , "Enter the desired duration (in seconds) of the output video") run("ffmpeg -sameq -ss " & $start & " -t " & $length & " -i " & $file & " " & stringtrimright($file , 4) & "_output.mp4")
  3. many sites will not permit the uploading of a video container that only contains an audio stream. And one in particular has all of their customizable music players broken. This simple script loops a single jpg as the video stream over the audio of your choosing and outputs an .avi. *requires ffmpeg $pic = "picture.jpg" $song = "song.mp3" $result = "result.avi" runwait ("ffmpeg -loop_input -f image2 -i " & $pic & " -r 1 -vcodec flv -i " & $song & " -acodec copy -qscale 2 -g 5 -cmp 3 -subcmp 3 -mbd 2 " & $result & " -shortest", @ScriptDir)
  4. This is a small app I wrote awhile back to batch FFMPEG commands of videos. I have a camcorder that saves to a file type .mts and I wanted to convert them to .mp4 but was too lazy to write out the commands one at a time in the CMD window. NOTES: You will need to download ffmpeg, as it is the application doing the actual conversions (http://ffmpeg.org/). It can only do one directory at a time, it will not do recursive directories. The defaults are set up to convert .mts files to .mp4, if you want to change the input, output and command line options you can, however, you may need to read
  5. i love using ffplay but would like to skin it to look like rest of my gui's is it possible to do this? like a parent and Child possibly?
  6. Hi guys! I'm a new member of this forum and I've been a AutoIt-"programmer" for 3 years now. I've desided to share one of my projects with you. It's called "FFAStrans" and it's a FlipFactory/EpisodeEngine inspired automated transcoding system based on FFmpeg and AviSynth. Now, this is not your average ffmpeg frontend, nor you general utility for converting 3 hour movies. It's off course possible but it's more aimed at production facilities, maybe run on a server, or where ever there is a need for automatically convert incoming mediafiles with decent control and feedback if something goes wro
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