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Found 16 results

  1. BeepSongEditor v1.0.2.4 Create easily Beep Songs and Mp3 Ringtones After >Beep Song Creator by Paulie, mine is more intended to hobbyists musicians ( based on a TT22 idea ) Now you can easily create Beep Songs and Mp3 Ringtones without being musician ! Source and Executable are available in the Download Section See Tray menu for options and help. If somes includes are missing : Bass Includes.rar Somes examples of ini files : Ini files.rar Thanks to Brett Francis, Prog@ndy and Eukalyptus for Bass Udf and trancexx for >DSBeep.au3 As usual several files are dow
  2. Hello, all! Today I present to you an updated version of Easy Mp3. After releasing version 1.0, I found several bugs that I fixed and added a few new features. Details can be found in the Changelog (check the Help menu). What makes Easy Mp3 special? Ease of use. I started this project because I love FLAC, but my car stereo does not and the transcoding programs out there are tedious to work with, have confusing settings, you cannot drop multiple folders into it and get a good result and finally, the nagging to buy it or check for updates. When you drag & drop a folder full of
  3. DirectSound UDF play audio files, record microphone, apply effects or create your own sound - check out the examples Download: https://autoit.de/index.php/Attachment/69-DirectSound-7z/ Or visit the original topic at the german forum - link in my signature
  4. <snip> for the most similar result and convert and download the mp3. Script asks for the user to write or paste the song name in the text file, or a list of them, then starts downloading line by line
  5. ..so I upgraded to Win10 and a script I use to rename mp3's didn't work. Looked around, and looked around, so I said f** it. So I open the file and see a bunch of null terminated data, so I made an array and got what I wanted. Func mp3RawRead_Comment($f) If Not FileGetSize($f) Then Return "" Local $a, $s, $h = FileOpen($f, 16) Local $b = FileRead($h, 4096) FileClose($h) $s = BinaryToString($b) $a = StringSplit($s, Chr(0)) If UBound($a) < 73 Then Return "" Return $a[71] _ArrayDisplay($a) EndFunc ;==>mp3RawRead_Comment So what is my burni
  6. Mp3SearchEngine v2.0.0.6 May be some of you know Songr . This script do the same job, it can find more mp3 files but is not as fast as Songr. Sites used are music search engine Websites designed for LEGAL entertainment purposes only. Thanks to Brett Francis, Prog@ndy and Eukalyptus for >Bass Udf, trancex for >WinHttp Udf and the AutoIt Community for his help. Changes of v1.0.8.5 Three websites replaced cause they are dead or use now js. All search engines updated ( not without difficulties for audiodump) I use RAGrid.dll for the first listview (more fast
  7. Version


    Mp3SilenceRemover can trim a bunch of mp3 files that have silence at the beginnings and ends, automatically. Script scans each file for when the sound starts and ends, by detecting a pre-determined silence threshold, then reencode them without silent parts found. Usefull if you want use mp3 files for a mix or avoid long silences between tracks. Multiple settings are available for preserving mp3 quality. Mp3Gain can be used for avoid a too big difference in sound level between 2 tracks. Main Id3 Tags can be preserved and the fade at end of the track too. Script use
  8. Version


    Create easily Beep Songs and Mp3 Ringtones
  9. Version


    Search and Get mp3 from Internet : Topic If UAC enabled, Run it as Administrator for the first execution.
  10. Hi all.. I have no code ready yet, so this is more of a 'what are your thoughts' post. I have a large music collection that is barely organized. I want to make an app that will make a catalog of all the music, rename the files, and organize them in the proper folders by artist / album / song. I plan on using the Mp3 UDF floating around to fix the Tags as needed, and I have the script to scour the directories. What I am wondering about is what format to keep the music data in. I have over 170,000 tracks, and I am afraid if I just have the data in a csv file or something, it will be slow or cras
  11. Here is the result of my playing around with Subsonic's REST API tonight. This script searches for a song in the Subsonic library, queues it in the jukebox playlist, starts it playing on the server, then stops it and clears the playlist. This requires Subsonic. At present, they include the REST API that this script uses in the 30-day trial, but then it goes away unless you upgrade to Subsonic Premium. Change the variables at the beginning to represent your server URL and user account. (My server happened to be running on the same machine on port 85.) The account must exist in Subsonic a
  12. Hi I wanted to share with you guys this automatic lyric snippet grabber that uses mainly LyricWiki API to get lyrics for you music. It can also identify your untagged music by the song's unique acoustic fingerprint using the AcoustID database and API. Additionally it will write the lyrics snippets and any missing artist and title ID3 tags to the mp3 files. This script will only get you a small part of the full lyrics for each song. This is because the LyricWiki API only returns part of the lyrics due to licensing restrictions. In order to view the full lyrics you have to click the "View f
  13. I use a USB key or an FM transmitter in my car to listen mp3. Two problems have emerged: long silences or a different sound level between different tracks or between tracks and FM radio. Seeking a software that could solve automatically these problems, for multiple files, I returned empty-handed ! All i have found who could be interesting were some examples about remove silence on un4seen.com (the bass audio library website) After much research I managed to adapt it, here is the result : Mp3SilenceRemover can trim a bunch of mp3 file
  14. Hi everyone, Using this script (it has a broken link but here are the files) I'm trying to record a short clip 1 second or shorter longer (although you can assume it's always 1 second) and every time I record the clip (mp3 however it's the same on wav) it ends up with an extremely short static sound at the start of each clip even with the highest quality sound. Is there anyway you can trim the file down, also using bass, for example taking the first 100 miliseconds off the start (it has to be mp3 though)? Or on the other hand, does anyone know of another bass recording tool that allows that
  15. Download Bible in 3 different languages in MP3 format. Bible downloader.zip Russian from 2 servers Ukrainian from 2 servers English KJV from 1 server (Sorry could not find another one) Latest version has a small button to download entire Bible only in Russian language that i collected my self. There some mp3s downloaded that other servers dont have. Hope someone finds this a blessing as i did when i learned Autoit to a level enough to make this application. Big thanks to many people who brought me to where i am in coding right now. I dont remember their names, but i know One who
  16. TinyMp3Player : A basic Mp3 player Hold left shift key and click load music button for select a mp3 directory, instead of a single mp3 file. A random check box for listen randomly. An automatic random config set the type of Audio meter display at each start or each click on the Next button. Previous downloads : 447 TinyMp3Player v Update of 2012-07-28 Source : TinyMp3Player v executable : TinyMp3Player.exe.html (Once this html file downloaded, double click on it for start the download) Changes : mp3 and m3u can be associated to compiled script. ( Do
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