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Search and Get mp3 from Internet : Topic

If UAC enabled, Run it as Administrator for the first execution.

What's New in Version   See changelog


Most previous websites used are dead or have changed the way to get links, 
so instead of try to repair the previous version, i have created a complete new version.

The main tendency is the simplification :

Only one website : audiodump (Up to 500 results by request)
Script use now the little pearl created by Ward : curl.au3
It permit to create tasks (get source and get multi mp3) in asynchronous mode.
So now, no need to use several executables and no more gui who do not respond in case of connection problems. 
Script use Bass.dll X86 loaded in memory for play songs.

Result is light and fast, but don't abuse of audiodump servers who are not beasts of race.

Warning : For avoid errors with curl.au3, you'll need to comment the line 63 : ;~ #Include <BinaryCall.au3>

@AutoItX64 not supported and only tested on Win7X64 and Win8.1X64.

As your browser, use Ctrl+w for remove the current Tab.
And also Ctrl+q for set/remove Gridlines.
Events are displayed to the bottom of the Gui.

Thanks to Kanashius and JohnOne for their help.

Bug Corrected.


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    • By CYCho
      This file includes all the source codes and a compiled .exe version of zPlayer, which is a stand-alone, simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, yet fully functional audio player.  I made this to suit my purpose and you can tweak it to your taste as the source code is only about 1000 lines which are very much readable.  This player has the following functions:
      - Play back all formats of audio files which can be palyed back by the Windows Media Player in your computer
      - Graphical player similar to embedded Windows Media Player
      - Forward, backward, pause, repeat, shuffle funtions
      - Increase/decrease/mute sound volume
      - Change folders and create playlist for all audio files in that folder and its subfolders, and support for manually-made playlists
      - Save play-back environment when terminating and resume that environment when restarting
      - With one click, you can see DuckDuckGo search results for the file being played back
      - With a double-click, you can play back an item in the playlist
      - Search strings in the playlist
      - Option to see long file names including folder names
      - Resize the playlist window, and restore it to its default position
      - Very small footprint: very low CPU and memory usage, with only about 1MB when compiled
      - You can even hide all the windows and manipulate the player with hotkeys only
    • By CYCho
      zPlayer is the name I used when I introduced the early version of this palyer in my blog back in early 2009 and, therefore, has nothing to do with the mobile media player of the same name which started marketing in 2015.
      After I retired from active duty in 2002 I spent much time listening to music. First I started with CD's and LP's, then quickly moved on to mp3 files. I converted many of my CD's to mp3 and I collected many more from various sources which were freely available at the time. As the number of my mp3 files grew, I put them in folders according to their genres and my favorite classifications. I mainly used Windows Media Player to listen to them and I slowly began to dislike wmp because it had massive user interface while I just wanted to listen to music in the background while I was doing other work in the foreground, hopping between folders from time to time. It was the time I was beginning to learn AutoIt and I thought I should make my own player with AutoIt. Coming from a sales career with no experience in programming, it was not an easy task. Somehow, after about 2 years of learning and trying, I had my own audio player which worked with only hotkeys without any graphical interface. I gave it to some of my friends who were not as computer-savvy as I. They liked it but definitely wanted something to clcik with mouse. So I came up with very rude gui which took a form similar to what it is now.
      The attached source files include one au3 file, one icon file and 14 jpg files. The jpg files are used for drawing a graphical player and are fileinstalled in @DocumentsCommonDir folder. This player uses WMPlayer.OCX as its engine and supports all audio file formats supported by wmp and additional codecs installed. I would like to thank @Bilgus for kind answers to my questions and would appreciate it if anyone could review the code and give me any suggestion. This player works for me, but I don't know whether the code is presentable as an example. I am posting this here with a hope to learn much from AutoIt community.
      PS: 1. An error (Variable used before declaration) was reported and corrected - 02:00 hours GMT,  March 14, 2019
            2. An error in tray menu was corrected -10:00 hours GMT, March14, 2019
            3. AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters definition was added at the top of the code and all ensuing errors were corrected. - 00:10 hours GMT, March 16 2019
            4. Some features were added. - 10:30 hours GMT, March 18, 2019
                a. Jumping to new play-back position in a file
                b. Support for a manually made playlist
                c. Ctrl+Alt+h hotkey to trigger a help message box
            5. The minimum resizing width of playlist window was set at 450. - 01:10 hours GMT, March 23, 2019
            6. Problems associated with actions taken while in 'paused' status was addressed. - 07:40 GMT, April 12, 2019
            7. An error was found and corrected in restoring previous play-back environment when the mode was 'Shuffled.' - 11:00 GMT, April 17, 2019

      Please see Downloads section of this forum for source code files.
    • By careca
      <snip> for the most similar result and convert and download the mp3.
      Script asks for the user to write or paste the song name in the text file, or a list of them, then starts downloading line by line
    • By Rex
      Some time ago I needed a way to uploade images to imgur, from one of my programs, and took a look at there API.
      Don't know if anyone can/would use it, but here is my code
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-q -d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w- 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w- 7 ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: IMGUR Curl udf ; AutoIt Version : 1.0 ; Description ...: Uploads files to imgur using curl, and returns imgur url, deletion key, imgsize ect. in an array ; Author(s) .....: Rex ; =============================================================================================================================== #include-once #include <curl.au3> ; By Ward #include <JSON.au3> ; by Ward ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _Imgur ; Description ...: Allows the user to uploade images to Imgur, or delete an already uploaded image using the images DeleteHash ; Syntax.........: _Imgur($AuthKey, True/False, $vData) ; Parameters ....: $AuthKey - API key from Imgur ; $bImg_Up - If true an image uploade is expected, if False a DeleteHas is expected ; $vData - The image to uploade, or the DeleteHash that was returned from Imgur at Image uploade ; Return values .: Success - An Array containing: ID, Datetime, type, animated, width, height, size, deletehash and url ; Failur - Sets @Error to 1 if no AuthKey is provided ; Failur - Sets @Error to 2 if $bImg_Up = True but no Image data is provided ; Failur - Sets @Error to 3 if $bImg_Up = True but $vData isn't Binary ; Failur - Sets @Error to 4 if $bImg_Up = False but no DeleteHash is provided ; Failur - Sets @Error to 5 if the API returns 400 -> Bad Request ; Failur - Sets @Error to 6 if the API returns 403 -> Permission Denied ; Failur - Sets @Error to 7 if the API returns 413 -> Data to large ; Failur - Sets @Error to 8 if the API returns 415 -> Unsupported data ; Failur - Sets @Error to 9 if Curl returns no Curl ; Failur - Sets @Error to 10 and returns Curl error msg if Curl fails ; Failur - Sets @Error to 11 If StringRegExp failed on the header (no array) ; Author ........: Rex ; Modified.......: ; Remarks .......: Needs Curl, Json And BinaryCall by Ward - Base64Encode By Ward and _EPOCH_Decrypt by Trancexx ; Is includede in the UDF is self ; Related .......: ; Link ..........: ; Example .......: $dFile = FileOpenDialog('Open', @ScriptDir, 'Image Files (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.bmp;*.gif)', 1) ; Browse image ; $hData = FileOpen($dFile, 16) ; Open as binary ; $dData = FileRead($hData) ; Read the data ; FileClose($hData) ; Close the FileHandle ; $aData = _Imgur('APIKEY', True, $dData) ; Uploade the Image ; ; $aDelete = _Imgur('APIKEY', False, 'DELETEHASH') ; ; =============================================================================================================================== Func _Imgur($sAuthKey, $bImg_Up = True, $vData = '') ; Performe some error checking Select Case $sAuthKey = '' ; If no authkey is provided Return SetError(1, 0, -1) ; We set error to 1 Case $vData = '' And $bImg_Up = True ; If no image data is sendt Return SetError(2, 0, -1) ; We sent error to 2 Case $vData <> '' And $bImg_Up = True And IsBinary($vData) = 0 ; If $vData isn't binary Return SetError(3, 0, -1) ; We sent error to 3 Case $vData = '' And $bImg_Up = False ; If no deleta hash was send Return SetError(4, 0, -1) ; We sent error to 4 EndSelect Local $aResult[9] ; Return array Local $ProgressCallback = DllCallbackGetPtr(DllCallbackRegister("ShowProgress", "int:cdecl", "ptr;uint64;uint64;uint64;uint64")) Local $Curl = Curl_Easy_Init() If Not $Curl Then Return SetError(9, 0, -1) Local $sHtml = $Curl Local $sHeader = $Curl + 1 ; any number as identify Local $sList = Curl_Slist_Append(0, "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:34.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/34.0") $sList = Curl_Slist_Append($sList, 'Referer: http://imgur.com/') $sList = Curl_Slist_Append($sList, 'Type: Base64') $sList = Curl_Slist_Append($sList, "Authorization: client-ID " & $sAuthKey) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, $sList) ; If $bImg_Up is true we uploads the image If $bImg_Up = True Then $dImage = _Base64Encode($vData) ; Convert the image to Base64 Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_URL, "https://api.imgur.com/3/upload/") ; If we wants to uploade an image Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_POST, 1) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS, $dImage) Else ; If no img we expect a delete Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_URL, "https://api.imgur.com/3/image/" & $vData) ; If we wants to delete an image Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, 'DELETE') ; When we deletes an image EndIf ; Get header Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION, Curl_DataWriteCallback()) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_HEADERDATA, $sHeader) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, 1) ; Checks use this to see the respons from server, and get img url/delete hash ect. Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION, Curl_DataWriteCallback()) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_WRITEDATA, $sHtml) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 30) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_NOPROGRESS, 0) Curl_Easy_Setopt($Curl, $CURLOPT_XFERINFOFUNCTION, $ProgressCallback) Local $Code = Curl_Easy_Perform($Curl) If $Code <> $CURLE_OK Then Return SetError(10, 0, Curl_Easy_StrError($Code)) EndIf ;ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & 'HEADER: ' & BinaryToString(Curl_Data_Get($sHeader)) & @CRLF) ;ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & 'HTML RAW: ' & BinaryToString(Curl_Data_Get($sHtml)) & @CRLF) ; Check what the header returns $aHeader = StringRegExp(BinaryToString(Curl_Data_Get($sHeader)), 'HTTP/1.1 (400|403|413|415|200)', 1) If IsArray($aHeader) Then Select Case $aHeader[0] = 400 ; If 403 then Permission Denied Return SetError(5, 0, -1) Case $aHeader[0] = 403 ; If 403 then Permission Denied Return SetError(6, 0, -1) Case $aHeader[0] = 413 ; If 413 then the data is to large Return SetError(7, 0, -1) Case $aHeader[0] = 415 ; If 415 then the data is unsupported Return SetError(8, 0, -1) Case $aHeader[0] = 200 ; If 200 uploade/delete was a sucess ; Decode the json returned from imgur Local $sJson = Json_Decode(BinaryToString(Curl_Data_Get($sHtml))) ; If deleting an image we only needs to return Sucess - IMGUR returns Sucess If $bImg_Up = False Then ReDim $aResult[1] ; Slim down the array $aResult[0] = 'Success' Return $aResult EndIf ; If an image was uploaded then we need to return some data to the user $aResult[0] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["id"]') ; Imgur image id ; Date time the image was uploaded, it's returned in unix timestamp, so we converts it to regular time stamp $aResult[1] = _EPOCH_Decrypt(Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["datetime"]')) ; Type of uploaded image $aResult[2] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["type"]') ; Was the image animated $aResult[3] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["animated"]') ; Width of the image $aResult[4] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["width"]') ; Height of the image $aResult[5] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["height"]') ; Size of the image $aResult[6] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["size"]') ; Delete hash of the image $aResult[7] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["deletehash"]') ; Image link $aResult[8] = Json_Get($sJson, '["data"]["link"]') Curl_Easy_Cleanup($Curl) Curl_Data_Cleanup($Curl) Curl_Slist_Free_All($sList) Return $aResult EndSelect Else ; If the Regexp failed Return SetError(11, 1, -1) EndIf EndFunc ;==>_Imgur Func ShowProgress($Ptr, $dltotal, $dlnow, $ultotal, $ulnow) ProgressSet(Int($ulnow / $ultotal * 100), '% Sendt = ' & Int($ulnow / $ultotal * 100)) Return 0 EndFunc ;==>ShowProgress ; #INTERNAL_USE_ONLY# =========================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: _EPOCH_Decrypt ; Description ...: Converts Epoch Time to human time ; Syntax ........: _EPOCH_Decrypt(TIMESTAMP) ; Return values .: Convertede timestamp ; Author ........: Trancexx ; Modified ......: ; Remarks .......: ; =============================================================================================================================== Func _EPOCH_Decrypt($iEpochTime) ; By trancexx forum thread: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/83667-epoch-time/ Local $iDayToAdd = Int($iEpochTime / 86400) Local $iTimeVal = Mod($iEpochTime, 86400) If $iTimeVal < 0 Then $iDayToAdd -= 1 $iTimeVal += 86400 EndIf Local $i_wFactor = Int((573371.75 + $iDayToAdd) / 36524.25) Local $i_xFactor = Int($i_wFactor / 4) Local $i_bFactor = 2442113 + $iDayToAdd + $i_wFactor - $i_xFactor Local $i_cFactor = Int(($i_bFactor - 122.1) / 365.25) Local $i_dFactor = Int(365.25 * $i_cFactor) Local $i_eFactor = Int(($i_bFactor - $i_dFactor) / 30.6001) Local $aDatePart[3] $aDatePart[2] = $i_bFactor - $i_dFactor - Int(30.6001 * $i_eFactor) $aDatePart[1] = $i_eFactor - 1 - 12 * ($i_eFactor - 2 > 11) $aDatePart[0] = $i_cFactor - 4716 + ($aDatePart[1] < 3) Local $aTimePart[3] $aTimePart[0] = Int($iTimeVal / 3600) $iTimeVal = Mod($iTimeVal, 3600) $aTimePart[1] = Int($iTimeVal / 60) $aTimePart[2] = Mod($iTimeVal, 60) Return StringFormat("%.2d/%.2d/%.2d %.2d:%.2d:%.2d", $aDatePart[0], $aDatePart[1], $aDatePart[2], $aTimePart[0], $aTimePart[1], $aTimePart[2]) EndFunc ;==>_EPOCH_Decrypt ; #INTERNAL_USE_ONLY# =========================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: _Base64Encode ; Description ...: Encodes data into Base64 ; Syntax ........: _Base64Encode(Data, Linebreak) ; Return values .: Base64 Encodede string ; Author ........: Ward ; Modified ......: ; Remarks .......: ; =============================================================================================================================== Func _Base64Encode($Data, $LineBreak = 76) ; By Ward Local $Opcode = '0x5589E5FF7514535657E8410000004142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F505152535455565758595A6162636465666768696A6B6C6D6E6F707172737' $Opcode &= '475767778797A303132333435363738392B2F005A8B5D088B7D108B4D0CE98F0000000FB633C1EE0201D68A06880731C083F901760C0FB6430125F0000000C1' $Opcode &= 'E8040FB63383E603C1E60409C601D68A0688470183F90176210FB6430225C0000000C1E8060FB6730183E60FC1E60209C601D68A06884702EB04C647023D83F' $Opcode &= '90276100FB6730283E63F01D68A06884703EB04C647033D8D5B038D7F0483E903836DFC04750C8B45148945FC66B80D0A66AB85C90F8F69FFFFFFC607005F5E' $Opcode &= '5BC9C21000' Local $CodeBuffer = DllStructCreate("byte[" & BinaryLen($Opcode) & "]") DllStructSetData($CodeBuffer, 1, $Opcode) $Data = Binary($Data) Local $Input = DllStructCreate("byte[" & BinaryLen($Data) & "]") DllStructSetData($Input, 1, $Data) $LineBreak = Floor($LineBreak / 4) * 4 Local $OputputSize = Ceiling(BinaryLen($Data) * 4 / 3) $OputputSize = $OputputSize + Ceiling($OputputSize / $LineBreak) * 2 + 4 Local $Ouput = DllStructCreate("char[" & $OputputSize & "]") DllCall("user32.dll", "none", "CallWindowProc", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($CodeBuffer), _ "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($Input), _ "int", BinaryLen($Data), _ "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($Ouput), _ "uint", $LineBreak) Return DllStructGetData($Ouput, 1) EndFunc ;==>_Base64Encode I have added Wards curl, json and BinaryCall to the att. zip file.
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