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    This file includes the source code for zPlayer, which is a stand-alone, simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, yet fully functional media player. I made this to suit my purpose and you can tweak it to your taste. The source code is only about 1600 lines and only standard #include files were used. Also included in the source code file are some image files which are used for drawing the graphical media controls in the main window. As of its release date, the compiled exe file of this player, as attached hereto, is not flagged by Windows Defender with latest Security Intelligence Update. H
  2. zPlayer is the name I used when I introduced the early version of this player in my blog back in early 2009 and, therefore, has nothing to do with the mobile media player of the same name which started marketing in 2015. After I retired from active duty in 2002 I spent much time listening to music. First I started with CD's and LP's, then quickly moved on to mp3 files. I converted many of my CD's to mp3 and I collected many more from various sources which were freely available at the time. As the number of my mp3 files grew, I put them in folders according to their genres and my favorite
  3. #include <GUIConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Local $oPlayer, $gVideo, $width, $height $oPlayer = ObjCreate("WMPlayer.OCX.7") $oPlayer.URL = 'http://www.clubbalcony.com/upload/culture/yong(2).wmv' Local $srcFound = True Local $time1 = TimerInit() While 1 If $oPlayer.playState() = 3 Then $width = $oPlayer.currentMedia.imageSourceWidth $height = $oPlayer.currentMedia.imageSourceHeight ExitLoop EndIf If TimerDiff($time1) > 5000 Then $srcFound = False ExitLoop EndIf Sleep(50) WEnd If Not $srcFound Or $width =
  4. Is there anyway that Autoit can detect a video that has been frozen on screen for a certain time? I have a program that records videos from my surveillance cameras, unfortunately after an update, sometimes the recording and live feed freezes on one of the cameras displayed on screen. The program has to be restarted, so I wrote a script that it restarts the program and then starts recording on each camera, but only if i physically notice that it has been frozen. So it would be great if all this can be done automatically.
  5. hello autoit team please i need your help i found that the youtube provide a way to get any video informations with this link https://youtube.com/get_video_info?video_id=id but it incoded i can not read it can any one tell me how to decode that please?
  6. goodmorning; autoit team please their are any youtube search way working? because i was using the get source and split it to get the result but know it does not working any way. is the youtube disabled that? and is their any other simple way to do that? i tested all examples found in this post but also it don't work https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/123945-youtube-search/ and here is the example that i use to and it don't work any more local $hSearchOpenHNDL, $hSearchConnect, $sSearchGet local $a_UrlsArray[1][5] local $b_ButtonsDisabled = false, $b_SearchBTNFocus = f
  7. So I was playing with INet and downloading files and made a simple video downloader, or it can even be used for any file really. Just follow the reference section in INet_Settings.ini , and then run the script. Main Script <snip> INet_Settings.ini URL - The target URL of the video you're trying to grab Data - This is the starting string, and ending string reference to look for the download URL itself. Settings - Only setting here currently, is the delay in which to wait for the file to download ### Reference f
  8. AutoIt Windows Screenshooter Key Features: takes easily a screenshot from any visible window capture any region of the desktop incl. freehand capturing capture GUI controls and GUI menus separately capture a marked area every x seconds for a duration of y seconds create a GIF animation from saved frames (Vista or higher os required) capture to AVI file (without audio!) takes a screenshot from web sites (available only on Win7+ os and when Aero is enabled) put images to clipboard to paste to other applications easily color picker
  9. Hi Community, I use a UDF by @smashly to play a video in a GUI. That works fine for my main monitor. But when I change the X and Y positions of the GUI (also for the video) to my second or third monitor, the video plays, I can hear the sound of it, but I don't see the video. I debugged the UDF and checked the Microsoft description for MCI Command Strings which are used in the UDF (docs.microsoft...) - everything is fine, so I got no clue why the video isn't displayed. PlayVideoTest.au3: VideoInGui_by_Smashky.au3 (UDF): The example video:
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible (and how) to put text on video on-the-fly (like VLC displays Title movie at the begining) and of course doing that in AutoIt Thanks in advance... C.
  11. Someone I know wanted me to show them how to get started with scripting. Instead of giving him a one to one I decided to make recordings so that anyone can get the help. I know there are other tutorials out there on youtube but sometimes one type of video style or person's personality may be more acceptable than another, so feel free to check them out and tell me what you think. I am not done yet by a mile but I made what I have so far public. I will be making a lot more videos both on the basics and then more task orientated videos like how to write and read to files, how to make GUI's etc et
  12. This is a small app I wrote awhile back to batch FFMPEG commands of videos. I have a camcorder that saves to a file type .mts and I wanted to convert them to .mp4 but was too lazy to write out the commands one at a time in the CMD window. NOTES: You will need to download ffmpeg, as it is the application doing the actual conversions (http://ffmpeg.org/). It can only do one directory at a time, it will not do recursive directories. The defaults are set up to convert .mts files to .mp4, if you want to change the input, output and command line options you can, however, you may need to read
  13. I would like to insert a video player inside the gui Autoit, preferably one with a free license such as Media Player Classic or VLC, I saw in the forum but I found examples of many years ago. Some examples links or advice would be much help
  14. Link and example: FrameGrabber.dll What about my question regarding returning a bitmap handle or bitmap data rather than saving the grabbed frame to disk? Actually I would talk about VScript because I'm curious but Jon doesn't want it but can you show me the code please? You said it is similar to AU3 code. I want to understand how you did it. Thanks.
  15. XvidCapture, demo capturing made easy, into avi video file with stereo sound. Script use XvidCapture.dll made for freebasic by D.J.Peters Major defects : The frame rate need to be limited due to the time for write datas (80-130 ms by frame with a 1920x1080 screen size and a 640x480 video size). The dll support only uncompressed wav audio format (do not work with mp3) The quality setting doesn't seem to change anything. Tested with AutoIt on WinXP SP3 and AutoIt on Win7/Win8.1 On my netbook using XP, i need to set fps to 5 with 320x240 !
  16. wakillon




    Demo capturing made easy, into avi video file with stereo sound executable : XvidCapture.exe
  17. Hello everyone, I've got a very cr.. err low cost IP camera and I'd like to capture its video stream with autoit and save it to a file. I've found this IP Camera script which looks to work ok for other people, unfortunately it doesn't with mine: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I've played with FireBug and finally got the right URL which brings me straight to the video stream (only when using the below HTML): <img onload="load_video()" src="http://IP:PORT/videostream.cgi?rate=0&amp;user=USERNAME&amp;pwd=PASSWORD&amp;next_url=tempsnapshot.jpg&amp;
  18. Hello I have been looking for a command line based program that can take a list of Videoclips, pictures and flash and then display them with gapless/seamless playback so that no black screen is shown between the clips, pictures and flash at all. You should ideally be able to control the time for example a picture is shown. I have googled quite abit and there seems to be no solutions available. There are solutions like converting everything to one big large movie and then use seamless looping with ffplay -loop 0 namneofmovie.mp4. But that is not optimal.
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