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    This file includes the source code for zPlayer, which is a stand-alone, simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, yet fully functional media player. I made this to suit my purpose and you can tweak it to your taste. The source code is only about 1600 lines and only standard #include files were used. Also included in the source code file are some image files which are used for drawing the graphical media controls in the main window. As of its release date, the compiled exe file of this player, as attached hereto, is not flagged by Windows Defender with latest Security Intelligence Update. This player has the following features: - Play back all formats of media files which can be played back by the Windows Media Player in your computer - Depending on the file types specified by the user in zPlayer.ini file this player can be either audio only, video only or both. - Video window is independent of other windows and, when maximized, increases the immersion of the user - Graphical media controls similar to embedded Windows Media Player - Forward, backward, pause, repeat, shuffle function - Increase/decrease/mute sound volume - Change folders and create playlist for all media files in that folder and its subfolders, and support for manually-made playlists - Save play-back environment when terminating and resume that environment when restarting - 'Continue playback' option for a file you left off in the middle of playback - With one click, you can see internet search results for the file selected in playlist - With a double-click, you can play back an item in the playlist - Search strings in the playlist - Option to see long file names including folder names - View file properties for any file in the playlist and copy their values - Resize the playlist and video windows, and restore them to their default positions - Very small footprint: very low CPU and memory usage, with only about 1MB when compiled - You can even hide all the windows and manipulate the player with hotkeys only Note: zPlayer is the name I used when I introduced the early version of this player in my blog back in early 2009 and, therefore, has nothing to do with the mobile media player of the same name which started marketing in 2015.
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