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Found 5 results

  1. Hay guys Just had an idea and wanted to know where to start. I want to download a screenshot of a website automatically into a .png .jpg ect format so I can then set it as my desktop background. This might be for for news: When the latest news is added to a website a screenshot of that website is saved and added to my desktop background. I have tried using website that already do the screenshot but you have to open the website and click the button for it to generate one and thus InetGet does not help. Any Ideas?
  2. This function does not appear to be returning the correct characters for a site, but the code of the page of the site shows the right characters? Can someone show me how to correct this, or is this a bug in the function? Actually I corrected it in my code, but just replacing these characters, but should they even be part of the string? Here is the two strange characters: “ .â€. #include <Inet.au3> #include <String.au3> $linc = "http://www.dictionary.com/browse/diablo?s=t" $str = _INetGetSource($linc, 1) ; has this in it ;“devil.”. $str = BinaryToString($str) ConsoleWrite($str) $str = _StringBetween($str, '<div class="def-set">', '</div>', 1) MsgBox('', 'raw data', $str[0])
  3. Hi, How could i make a Login and Registering System with an Excel file which would be hosted at Dropbox. So i have a GUI There you could choose if u want to Login or Create an account. If u choosen Register new account you would have to make a Email a Username a Password and Password check. Before Registering it has to check if the Username and Email already exists if not you would be able to create and after this Login~ My main Problem would be getting acces to the file at Dropbox and writing to Excel. Thank you very much who tried to help me.
  4. Yosh all, A simple question how to get the Speed with the file of inetget get's downloaded? °-° just like Firefox/Edge/.. etc showing the Speed Thanks in advance °-°.
  5. Here's all the code I'm trying to run #include <Inet.au3> Local $s_SmtpServer = "smtp.gmail.com" Local $s_FromName = "Me" Local $s_FromAddress = "Filipe.Bitt10@gmail.com" Local $s_ToAddress = "Filipe.Bitt10@gmail.com" Local $s_Subject = "Test" Local $as_Body[2] $as_Body[0] = "Testing the new email udf" $as_Body[1] = "Second Line" Local $Response = _INetSmtpMail($s_SmtpServer, $s_FromName, $s_FromAddress, $s_ToAddress, $s_Subject, $as_Body) $err = @error If $Response = 1 Then MsgBox(0, "Success!", "Mail sent") Else MsgBox(0, "Error!", "Mail failed with error code " & $err) EndIf Any idea???
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