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Found 12 results

  1. Edit: This is now part of beta __________________________________________________________________________________________________ There is a _ArrayToString() but no _ArrayFromString(). ( searched in the forum and google ) The example is based on the _ArrayToString() help file, to show the reconstruction of the array. #include <Array.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Local $aArray[20] For $i = 0 To 19 $aArray[$i] = $i Next _ArrayDisplay($aArray, "1D Array") MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Items 1-7", _ArrayToString($aArray, @TAB, 1, 7))
  2. Hi, i'm curious if this is even possible, i want to do an action if the ini file contains current values under a section. for my test i'm looking for 100,200,300,400,500 and if any of those excits i want to pop a msgbox with the number in the section. i can in my example find one, but it does not check everyone. why? what am i missing? Local $iscore810[5] = [100,200,300,400,500] Local $iMax800 = 5 While 1 ;~     Send("{pause}") ;;func les ini fil     $var = IniReadSection("Area.ini", "modus")     If
  3. Need some help understanding why the ConsoleWrite works inside 2nd For loop but not out side. Between Audit Wiki, Help file , Forum searching (lots of code reading), and YouTube ( shout out to TutsTeach), I have not been able to find the reason why. $sIniPath = "installLog.ini" ; - Get section name $iniSctionNames = IniReadSectionNames($sIniPath) ; - Get Keys and Vaules For $a = 1 to UBound($iniSctionNames) - 1 $keys = IniReadSection($sIniPath , $iniSctionNames[$a]) For $b = 1 to UBound($keys) - 1 $oldSysInfo = IniRead($sIniPath , $iniSctionNames[1], $keys[$b
  4. @JLogan3o13 I apologize, I did not think of it that way. I have attached all the code and the Ini File information. Please let me know if I need to add anything else to help understand what is happening. thank you. Guys, I apologize in advance as I did not search for my answer before posting. I just could not figure out a way to search that made since so I decided to go ahead and post my question. Getting to it. Background: this is being used to validate file names before moving to a new location. though i have not included all the code, below is
  5. Hi I am trying to read multiple sections from an ini file into an array and use the result to calculate how many records there are from the suppliers and this devided into the status records that belong to it. The problem I am having; I am able to use Ubound to calculate how many record there are in total to the option chosen from the combo box, but where I am getting stuck is the part to link the status and leverancier to each other and count them. Hope some one can help me. My code right now: #include <ComboConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include &l
  6. Hello , I was thinking of a situation where a key in a ini file can contain anything, If we were to know if the key does not exists using IniRead, Its not possible to do it without compromising a single possibility... I was thinking that if IniRead were to set @error when a key does not exist, it solves the problem which I mentioned before What do you think? Would you like this feature? TD
  7. Hello, i have question. How to save and read data from "GUICtrlCreateEdit" to ini file ?. Problem is: IniWrite write only first line of text and IniRead read only first line text. How to do it? Thanks for answer. $text = GUICtrlCreateEdit("Text", 20, 165, 120, 50) Func save() Local $ini_file, $workingdir ; save workingdir $workingdir = @WorkingDir ; save file dialog $ini_file = FileSaveDialog('Save', @ScriptDir, 'Ini (*.ini)|All (*.*)', 10, 'Config.ini', $Form1) ; check if return is valid If @error Or $ini_file == '' Then FileChangeDir($workingdir) Return SetError(1, 0, '') EndIf
  8. These functions handle ANSI and unicode inifiles similar to IniRead, IniWrite and IniDelete. _WinAPI_WritePrivateProfileStringW _WinAPI_GetPrivateProfileStringW So you can read from unicode inifiles created from other programs or perhaps read and write to your own inifiles. I was unable to figure out how the API function of WritePrivateProfileStringW can create a unicode file initially so I instead used FileOpen to create a unicode file and write the 1st entry to achieve this. Further use uses WritePrivateProfileStringW is ok to handle the unicode entries. ANSI file creation is done by Writ
  9. Hello all, is possible to create a script that sets the key to be pressed from information taken from an ini file? AutoIt.au3 HotKeySet( IniRead("file.ini", "Section", "Key", "Hotkey"), "Function" ) file.ini [Section] Key=F5 So the result would be: HotKeySet( "F5", "Function" )
  10. Hi guys, i have some problem with IniRead. This is the script: #include <ButtonConstants.au3> #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <StaticConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $ini = @WorkingDir & "\language.ini" If FileExists(@WorkingDir & "\language.ini") Then GUI() Else FileOpen(@WorkingDir & "\language.ini", 1) INICreate() EndIf Func INICreate() IniWrite ($ini, "Default_Language", "Title", "Window") IniWrite ($ini, "Default_Language", "File", "File") IniWrite ($ini, "Default_Language", "Modify"
  11. So basically i'm trying to make a Message of the Day program pop up for when the program is started. It's not reading the MOTD value at all. Any ideas? Or will it not work when reading from an online source? Local $MOTD = IniRead("http://www.freewebs.com/smurf-job/motd.ini", "News", "MOTD","Server Down") MsgBox(4096, "Welcome", $MOTD) the ini file contains this [News] MOTD="Welcome! 1-06-12" Any ideas? I always just get Server Down.
  12. I can not really work it out this. config.ini [Section] Hide=Hide .au3 $var1 = IniRead("config.ini", "Section", "Hide", "NotFound") Control & $var1("Program Manager", "", "[CLASSNN:SHELLDLL_DefView1]"
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