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Found 4 results

  1. I need to has Opt(GUISetOnEvent,-1) available in my script, but since I'm using koda designer it uses GUIgetmessage is there any work around for this. I'm pretty new to this stuff so any help is great appreciated. Any Thoughts?
  2. Good day and thanks for your time, recently i made a script to help me to store some info, but i want it to also Move itself (the .exe) to a specific folder (in my case to documents, so i ahve a backupt of the exe), i tried using Filemove(), but i have to chose to run it as admin (even tough im the admin in both pc i tested it) to work, so i tried Filecopy(), and it does copy (and run the script as intended) and since i can simulate to "Move" it i decided to delete it with Filedelete() but im just unable to see how to make it work and delete it $date=@year&@mon&@mday $log="C:\logs" $copyto="C:\Users\admin\Documents" DirCreate($log) FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\" & @ScriptName, $copyto) FileDelete(@ScriptDir & "\" & @ScriptName) $file = FileOpen($log&"\logfiles"&$date&".htm", 1)
  3. This post outlines correct usage of reporting a documentation error in AutoIt. To report a help file issue, first navigate to Trac and create a new ticket. Ensure that the issue isn't present in the latest available version e.g. beta version and follow the following requirements for submitting: Change the "Component" option to Documentation. Change the "Version" option to whichever version you saw the issue in. It's preferred that you check the latest version .e.g. current beta, before submitting the ticket. Be as descriptive as you can when posting an issue, the more information you can provide e.g. where you found the issue and what it should be, will aid in the problem being fixed quickly. Up until now those that have posted have done so in a clear and concise manner, so lets keep it that way please. If this starts to deviate in any way then I will be forced to adopt a more strict approach. >Previous 'Report Help File Issues' thread. Issues with AutoIt: For reporting an issue with AutoIt ensure you've isolated the problem in a small script that reproduces the error, assessed in the General Help and Support Forum that it's not a problem with poorly written code and then if none of those fix the problem, post to Trac for an AutoIt Developer to assess the issue.
  4. I've been trying to add a hotkey to a script but I only started out earlier today and I am already struggling with the basics (not a big surprise for starting new) anyway I was hoping someone could give me an example on how to make a simple On/Off Hotkey #include <Misc.au3> Global $Paused HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause") HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate") HotKeySet("+!d", "ShowMessage") ;Shift-Alt-d $dll = DllOpen("user32.dll") Dim $coord[3] Func TogglePause() $Paused = Not $Paused While $Paused Sleep(100) ToolTip('Script is "Paused"', 0, 0) WEnd ToolTip("") EndFunc ;==>TogglePause While 1 If _IsPressed("1[", $dll) Then ExitLoop For $i = 0 To 1024 Step 1 $coord = PixelSearch( 0, 0, $i, 768, 0xFF0000, 10 ) If Not @error Then MouseMove($coord[0],$coord[1]) EndIf If _IsPressed("1[", $dll) Then ExitLoop Next WEnd
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