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Found 4 results

  1. This is for mac address spoofing. Before a mod gives me the ban hammer for posting code such as this, id like to explain I recently had a necessity for it. A lot of places use mac addresses to identify devices/machines and control internet permissions. I myself love the xfinity wifi hotspots placed all around where I live as I can connect to them and save data usage instead of tethering my phone. BUT! They use a captive portal with a webpage interface in javascript and (not too much to my surprise), wifey says some of her crap wont open that page. I explained she can disable wifi on
  2. Version 1.0


    Did this because i needed, retrieves a list of adapters from the registry, shows you your current Mac Address of the adapter in use, the user simply changes the second input field to the address he wants, then select the adapter on the list, and click 'set', after a reboot, the mac should be changed. (The field to input the mac to set accepts '-' ':' or no separation character. ex: AA:BB:CC... or AA-BB-CC... or AABBCC...)
  3. Regular expressions, I hate them, seriously I have a MAC address in this format: "A2B3B56B7C3A" And I would like to change it in: "A2-B3-B5-6B-7C-3A" The MAC address can be a little longer than that one, but we are sure that the total digit number is an even number. I've tried a lot of patterns but I have not tried the right one. This is the closest one I've tried but the output shows a final hyphen (I could cut it through StringTrimLeft but I would like to do it using just RegEx). ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplace("A2B3B56B7C3A", "(.{2})", "$1-")) I don't understand why this patter
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how I could retrieve text from a webpage to be placed in a variable but without loading up a IE or any other browser? For example: http://www.macvendorlookup.com/api/pipe/0023AB7B5899
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