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Found 3 results

  1. A long time I was using "PDFCreator - Print2PDF" made by @ptrex Thanks to @ptrex for this UDF: which was for me an inspiration, not only for PDFCreator, but to learn ActiveX controls. I many times modified @ptrex UDF, but recently more and more felt the need to write it almost from scratch. Here it is: How to use it ? There is a region "Example Init" so you need just to run this UDF. #Region PDFCreator.au3 - Example Init If Not @Compiled And @ScriptName = 'PDFCreator.au3' Or @ScriptName = 'PDFCreator_DebugIt.au3' Then $g__oPDFCreator_ErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "__PDFCreator_ErrFunc") #cs Not working yet _PDFCreator_ConvertDocument(@ScriptDir & '\PDFCreator.rtf',@ScriptDir & '\PDFCreator_2.pdf') ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & '\PDFCreator.rtf') ShellExecute(@ScriptDir & '\PDFCreator_2.pdf') MsgBox(0, 'END', '_PDFCreator_ConvertDocument()') #ce _PDFCreator_Example_1_RTF2PDF() MsgBox(0, 'END', '_PDFCreator_Example_1_RTF2PDF()') _PDFCreator_Example_2_COMBINEALL() MsgBox(0, 'END', '_PDFCreator_Example_2_COMBINEALL()') _PDFCreator_Example_3_COMBINEALL() MsgBox(0, 'END', '_PDFCreator_Example_3_COMBINEALL()') MsgBox(0, 'EXIT', 'Close this MsgBox to exit example script.') ;~ MsgBox(0, '$g__oPDFCreator.cWindowsVersion', $g__oPDFCreator.cWindowsVersion) Exit EndIf #EndRegion PDFCreator.au3 - Example Init REMAKRS: this UDF is for PDFCreator 1.x.x not for 2.x.x some reference and examples for PDFCreator 2.x.x Best regards, mLipok
  2. mLipok


    Version 0.1a


    Title: UDF for PDFCreator 1.x.x Filename: PDFCreator.au3 Description: A collection of functions for PDFCreator 1.x.x Author: mLipok Modified: Version: 0.1 Last Update: 2015/05/21 Requirements: this UDF is for PDFCreator 1.x.x not for 2.x.x FORUM LINK:
  3. Hello! I have a little script and in it a function that is responsible for handling saves in PDFCreator. When such a situation arise, it should set the destination folder to one predestinated in a global variable (a folder in our innernetwork). Originally I achieved this by moving the window to 0,0 then mouseclick on a specified coordinates on the screen (I know, I know, thats why I want to change it something more reliable, more intelligent) My candidates were ControlSetText, ControlSend and ControlCommand. I rejected ControlCommand outright since it isn't really for this. ControlSend cause the script to exit, when it reaches the first point where it would use the function. ControlSetText returns the next console (run_debug_mode=Y) >"C:Program FilesAutoIt3SciTE..autoit3.exe" /ErrorStdOut "D:régi gép mentésDesktopAutomata TesztelésUD - uszi új BÉTAud_uszi 3.0.1 teszter.au3" "D:régi gép mentésDesktopAutomata TesztelésUD - uszi új BÉTAud_uszi 3.0.1 teszter.au3" (1170) : ==> Error in expression.: ControlSetText("Save as", "", "[CLASSNN:ToolbarWindow323]", & $PDFmentesPath) ControlSetText("Save as", "", "[CLASSNN:ToolbarWindow323]", ^ ERROR >Exit code: 1 Time: 34.31 Here is my function so far: (sorry its under construction) Func RenamePDF($TopUpName) Sleep(1000) WinActivate("PDFCreator 1.", "") WinWaitActive("PDFCreator 1.", "") ControlCommand("PDFCreator 1.", "", "[CLASSNN:ThunderRT6TextBox6]", "EditPaste", $TopUpName) ControlSetText("PDFCreator 1.", "", "[CLASSNN:ThunderRT6TextBox6]", $TopUpName) ControlClick("PDFCreator 1.", "", "[CLASSNN:ThunderRT6CommandButton7]") $WindowWaitCheck = WinWaitActive("Mentés másként", "", 5) If $WindowWaitCheck = 0 Then ControlClick("PDFCreator 1.", "", "[CLASSNN:ThunderRT6CommandButton7]") EndIf WinMove("Save as", "", 0, 0) ;MouseClick("", 565, 50) ;Not like this, to many possible errors! ;Send("{BS}" & $PDFmentesPath & "{Enter}") ;ControlCommand ;ControlSend("Save as", "", "[CLASSNN:ToolbarWindow323]", & $PDFmentesPath) ControlSetText("Save as", "", "[CLASSNN:ToolbarWindow323]", & $PDFmentesPath) ControlClick("Save as", "", "[CLASSNN:Button1]") Sleep(1500) EndFunc ;==>RenamePDF I have a guess that there is a problem in how I try to write/send the variable $PDFmentesPath, but not sure I know how should I do it. Trying random things that come to mind for now. Thank you for your time and help!
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