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    Title:   UDF for PDFCreator 1.x.x
    Filename:  PDFCreator.au3
    Description: A collection of functions for PDFCreator 1.x.x
    Author:   mLipok
    Version:  0.1
    Last Update: 2015/05/21
    this UDF is for PDFCreator 1.x.x not for 2.x.x






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    • rcmaehl
      IRC UDF - Updated Version of Chips' IRC UDF - Release: V1.22 - 09/06/2016 - Technical Writer Needed!
      By rcmaehl
      A UDF to connect to IRC using TCP Functions, as well as perform actions once connected.
      WANTED: Technical Writer able to create / maintain a helpfile (.chm) using the Autoit helpfile layout for an negotiated rate.

      Originally created by Chip.
      UDF Headers updated compared to old script.
      Error and Parameter Handling updated compared to old script.
      If you need to bypass the RFC compliance of this UDF, use _IRCRaw.
      The majority of the old functions have been modified. It will break most, if not all, scripts using the old UDF.
      These commands should work on every server following either RFC 1459 (legacy) or RFC 2812 (preferred).
      Potential Uses:
      IRC Chat Clients
      Chatroom Integration for software
      IRC Bots for Channel / Server Administration
      IRC Bots for Games such as Hangman, Mafia, and WereWolf
      Remote Administration without having to setup your own AutoIt server

      Extra Functions:
      _IRCReplyTo (IRCExtras.au3)
      _IRCStripSpecial (IRCExtras.au3)
      Additional Links:
      Chips' Old UDF Topic:
      While these downloads are more stable than the ones above, I do not have time to thoroughly test all functions and variable entries. If something doesn't work as expected or gives you an error please check @error and @extended variables then create a reply to this topic.

      09/06/2016: IRC.au3 Fixed : Updated Headers to UDF-spec (- instead of =) _IRCGetMsg Fixed : Incorrect Return Value On Error _IRCStripSpecial Added : Better documentation of Flags _IRCMultiSendMsg Added : Better documentation of Flags _IRCMultiSendMsg Fixed : Max Message Size based on https://forums.unrealircd.org/viewtopic.php?t=6811 Updated all files to consider themselves a standalone install by default All Functions that didn't Return anything now return Number of bytes sent Slight Performance Improvements by using Parameter Gating instead of Single Input Single Output 07/21/2016: Example.au3 Fixed : Includes Example.au3 Renamed: IRC_Example.au3 IRC.au3 Changed: Minor Performance Improvements 04/18/2016: IRCConstants.au3 Updated: A Ton of New Constants added IRCMultiSendMsg Added : Color Example Increased TCP Timeout in all Examples 04/13/2016: CUI.au3 Updated: Errors now output to Error Stream in Console (C/G)UI.au3 Fixed : Userlists (FOR REAL THIS TIME) by being sure to get the current channel Removed: Duplicate Constants File Include Removed: Local Declaration inside of While loop for Performance Updated: TCPTimeout Increased Updated: $sTemp renamed $sStrip for Readibility Example.au3 Updated: TCPTimeout Increased GUI_Client.au3 Renamed: GUI.au3 _IRCStripSpecial Added : Parameter Checking Updated: Documentation _IRCMultiSendMsg Added : Additional flags for Message Type (POSSIBLY SCRIPT BREAKING if using $_bTrim!) Updated: Example to show new flags Updated: Increase Max Message Size from 368 To 436 04/09/2016: IRC.au3 Updated: All Documentation Added : Now has a Constaznts file _IRCConnnect Fixed : Now PROPERLY returns any errors _IRCGetMsg Removed: $_iChars parameter since it gets one packet at a time and parsing is easier _IRCReplyTo Fixed : Now properly returns username _IRCStripSpecial Added : Now uses Constants File All files are now in a single ZIP Includes 2 basic IRC "clients", a CUI, and a GUI 07/15/2015: Example.au3 Added : Improved Debugging   Updated: All Space Indents to Tab Idents   IRC.au3 Removed: Exception skipping @error = -1 in IRCGetMsg() as fixed it 07/15/2015: Example.au3 Added : Ping Timeout Fixed : Userlist clipping of last user IRC.au3 Fixed : IRCGetMsg() Hang 07/08/2015: Example.au3 Fixed : User Lists   Fixed : Nickname now switches to backup nickname if first choice is already in use IRC.au3 Added : UDF Index Added : #include-once Updated: All Functions updated to Single Entry, Single Exit Updated: Now passes Au3Check on -q -d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w- 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w- 7 01/15/2015: Example.au3 Fixed : Ampersand channels causing a crash 12/20/2014: Example.au3 Fixed : Nicks not updating on all channel lists when a user changed their nick Fixed : Nicks not deleting on all channel lists when a user quits the network 12/19/2014: Example.au3 Added : User lists Added : Channel lists Added : Bot keeps track of own nick Added : Secondary nick in case first nick choice is in use. Added : Extremely Minor performance improvements _IRCConnect Added : Improved parameter checking _IRCGetMsg Updated: Now only retrieves one packet by default (MAY be script breaking) 10/14/2014: Example.au3 Added : Shutdown TCP on exit Fixed : $Recipient now gets the actual Recipient instead of the 3rd message Added : Now exits when told to quit. IRC.au3 Added : Improved Error Reporting (Includes @extended on error) _IRCDisconnect Added : Close Socket on Disconnect _IRCStripSpecial Added : Improved Color Stripping 09/28/2014: _IRCConnect Fixed : Checking if Mode was blank. _IRCGetMsg Fixed : Spamming of 0 and incorrectly thinking there was an error. 09/28/2014: IRC.au3 Fixed : All functions now return when errors are encountered instead of continuing _IRCConnect Added : Now returns an error if optional password failed to send _IRCGetMsg Added : Now returns an error if it failed to receive a custom amount of data _IRCServerVersion Fixed : Capitalized "Version" 09/26/2014: Example.au3 Fixed : Pings not ending with @CRLF IRCExtras.au3 Added : _IRCStripSpecial(), Cleans special characters sometimes seen in IRC 09/24/2014: Example.au3 Added : Checking for PrivMsg Fixed : Infinite loop if you removed _IRCDisconnect Updated: Bot now disconnects when receiving "!quit" instead of automatically Discontinuted BETA UDF project. 04/20/2014: IRCExtras.au3 Added : Additional IRC Functions _IRChangeNick Renamed: _IRCSelfSetNick (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCChangeNick with _IRCSelfSetNick) _IRCGetMsg Fixed : Now no longer Splits Packets if Default option is used _IRCChannelInvite Added : Invites a User to a Channel _IRCChannelKick Added : Kick a User from a channel _IRCJoinChannel Renamed: _IRCChannelJoin (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCJoinChannel with _IRCChannelJoin) _IRCMode Renamed: _IRCMultiMode (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCMode with _IRCMultiMode) _IRCOper Renamed: _IRCSelfOper (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCOper with _IRCSelfOper) _IRCPartChannel Renamed: _IRCChannelPart (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCPartChannel with _IRCChannelPart) _IRCPing Renamed: _IRCServerPing (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCPing with _IRCServerPing) _IRCPong Renamed: _IRCServerPong (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCPong with _IRCServerPong) _IRCSelfSetStatus Added : Sets you AFK and un-AFK _IRCSendMessage Renamed: Renamed _IRCMultiSendMsg. (SCRIPT BREAKING Fix: Replace IRCSendMessage with IRCMultiSendMsg) _IRCSendMessageRaw Renamed: Renamed _IRCRaw (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCSendMessageRaw with _IRCRaw) _IRCServerTime Added : Get time from a Server _IRCServerVersion Added : Get Software Version from a Server _IRCTopic Renamed: _IRCChannelTopic (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCTopic with _IRCChannelTopic) Improved Parameter detection in all Functions Renamed Functions to show who/what they effect, MASSIVE Script Breaking. Sorry! :/ 04/06/2014: _IRCGetMsg Added : Use to get IRC Messages. _IRCSetTopic Changed: Now named _IRCTopic (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCSetTopic with _IRCTopic) Changed: Can now be used to query topic and does so by default. Use "" to blank the topic All functions now thoroughly check their parameters Updated all functions to use @extended to some errors Fixed @error returning 0 by starting all errors at 1 instead of 0 03/20/2014: _IRCChangeMode Changed: Now named _IRCMode (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Replace _IRCChangeMode with _IRCMode) Changed: $_sMode is now OPTIONAL. Allowing the command to be used to Query current mode as well _IRCConnect Fixed : Missing Colon Before $_sRealName. It should now allow Real Names with spaces _IRCDisconnect Fixed : Issue with Blank Messages. Should now properly blank to Default _IRCPing Changed: $_Server is now REQUIRED. (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Specify a server as Parameter 2) _IRCSendMessage Added : $_bTrim, Trims message if too long instead of breaking up the message, Default is true _IRCSetTopic Added : Command for setting a Channel Topic Updated Most Functions to include better error checking Updated Most Channel Related Functions to check for valid channels 03/16/2014: _IRCChangeMode Added : Optional parameters for channel modes Changed: Parameter ordering Target is now before Mode (SCRIPT BREAKING! Fix: Swap Parameters 2 and 3) _IRCConnect Changed: No longer exits the script on error, instead returns TCPConnect Error Code _IRCJoinChannel Added : Now Supports Channel Passwords _IRCOper Added : Command for IRC Server Operator Login Updated All Functions to have UDF standard error codes 02/24/2014: _IRCSendMessage Changed: Split Into _IRCSendMessage and _IRCSendMessageRaw (SCRIPT BREAKING! No Simple Fix Available) 02/23/2014: Made variables comply to UDF Standards http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/udfs/UDF_Standards.htm Removed MsgBoxes left over from old UDF Updated / Uploaded IRC.au3 Known and Reported Bugs:
      Message output only displays ANSI characters in CUI. (Can't Fix) Freenode requires registration for part messages thus the part message in example doesn't show up (Can't fix) Messages (e.g. PRIVMSG) are not forwarded?, when it contains umlauts/german mutations and when the message only contains a dot '.' (Unconfirmed) Warnings:
      Do NOT send a lot of messages at once. MOST networks will disconnect you. SOME networks will permanently ban you. A MINORITY will harshly retailiate. Do NOT use the Sleep() function in your scripts. It prevents you from receiving any new data, can disconnect your from the network, and have other undesired consequences. Use the TimerInit() and TimerDiff() functions and possibly a message queue. To Do:
      Possibly add in SSL functionality Create More Functions for IRC commands An entire IRC daemon written in AutoIt Have _IRCChannelJoin check the channel list for errors Have _IRCChannelPart check the channel list for errors Possibly Include Kips TCP UDF for ASync Port Listening in Example Create Additional UDFs for extras such as CTCP, DCC, and Error Lookup Experiment with having functions check for the reply and see if reliable. Have _IRCMultiMode Check if User or Channel and Accept or Deny $_sParams Accordingly Upcoming Changes:
      To Be Decided
    • GMK
      OOo/LibO Calc UDF
      By GMK
      I decided to enhance the functionality of the OOo COM UDF found >here and >here.  Thanks to Leagnus and Andy G for providing the initial functions and framework.  I've managed to put many features here, but unfortunately, the feature I am unable to get to work is the sort feature.
      This UDF includes the following working functions:
      Functions to be fixed/implemented:
      Please help me test this and let me know of any problems, questions, suggestions or comments you may have. I have tested this with LibreOffice, but not with OpenOffice.
      Edit (August 5, 2016): Latest files have been uploaded.  Script-breaking changes include renaming the functions to start with _OOoCalc_.
    • ichaos69
      Specific udf
      By ichaos69
      Hello all,
      Got a question on the basis. 
      I would like to write the udf pack for a very specific software called prophix. Where can I find guide or manual how to write an udf or are there any methods to do it? I will post it here as I will investigate how to do it.
    • jguinch
      Printer Management UDF
      By jguinch
      Here is an UDF for managing printers.
      Features are :
       - add, remove or rename a printer
       - add or remove a driver
       - add or remove a TCP/IP printer port
       - connect to a remote printer
       - enum printers and there configuration and properties
       - pause resume or cancel all jobs of a printer
       - checks if a printer exists
       - print a test page
       - set the default printer
    • Echbiahn
      Random Name Generator
      By Echbiahn
      Hi everyone!
      It's been a long time since I wrote anything in AutoIt, but I wanted to get back into it. Here's a simple UDF that generates random sword names to use in a game. Enjoy 
      ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _GenSword ; Description ...: Generates random RPG sword names ; Parameters ....: $Type - The type of name to generate ; $Amount - [optional] value to be used for generating more names (default: 1) ; Return values .: Success - Return Value of the name generated or an array of names generated with index[0] = number of names ; Failure - Return Value 0, @error set to 1 ; Author ........: Echibahn ; Modified.......: ; Details .......: You can select one or multiple generator types by separating the types with a semi-colon. ; When selecting the amount of names to gen, the number reflects how many of a selected type will gen. This means ; selecting multiple types will generate the amount of names per type. ; Type 1 = Single Generator #1 ; Type 2 = Single Generator #2 ; Type 3 = Double Generator #1 ; Type 4 = Double Generator #2 ; Type 5 = Double Generator #3 ; Type 6 = Triple Generator #1 ; Type 7 = Triple Generator #2 ; ; Example .......; _GenSword(1) ; _GenSword("2;4") ; _GenSword("1;5;6", 2) ; _GenSword("1;2;3;4;5;6", 10) ; =============================================================================================================================== #include-once #include <Array.au3> Global $nm1[] = ["Shadowfang","Azurewrath","Assurance","ForgetMeNot","Red Obsidian","Abyssal Shard","Aetherius","Agatha","Alpha","Amnesia","Anduril","Anger’s Tear","Apocalypse","Armageddon","Arondite","Ashrune","Betrayal","Betrayer","Blackest Heart","Blackout","Blade of a Thousand Cuts","Blade of the Grave","Blazefury","Blazeguard","Blight's Plight","Blind Justice","Blinkstrike","Bloodquench","Bloodweep","Broken Promise","Brutality","Cataclysm","Catastrophe","Celeste","Chaos","Cometfell","Convergence","Corruption","Darkheart","Darkness","Dawn","Dawn of Ruins","Dawnbreaker","Deathbringer","Deathraze","Decimation","Desolation","Despair","Destiny's Song","Devine","Devourer","Dirge","Divine Light","Doomblade","Doombringer","Draughtbane","Due Diligence","Early Retirement","Echo","Piece Maker","Eclipse","Endbringer","Epilogue","Espada","Eternal Harmony","Eternal Rest","Extinction","Faithkeeper","Fallen Champion","Fate","Final Achievement","Fleshrender","Florance","Frenzy","Fury","Ghost Reaver","Ghostwalker","Gladius","Glimmer","Godslayer","Grasscutter","Grieving Blade","Gutrender","Hatred's Bite","Heartseeker","Heartstriker","Hell's Scream","Hellfire","Hellreaver","Hollow Silence","Honor's Call","Hope's End","Infamy","Interrogator","Justice","Justifier","King's Defender","King's Legacy","Kinslayer","Klinge","Knight's Fall","Knightfall","Lament","Last Rites","Last Words","Lazarus","Life's Limit","Lifedrinker","Light's Bane","Lightbane","Lightbringer","Lightning","Limbo","Loyalty","Malice","Mangler","Massacre","Mercy","Misery's End","Morbid Doom","Morbid Will","Mournblade","Narcoleptic","Needle","Nethersbane","Night's Edge","Night's Fall","Nightbane","Nightcrackle","Nightfall","Nirvana","Oathbreaker","Oathkeeper","Oblivion","Omega","Orenmir","Peacekeeper","Perfect Storm","Persuasion","Prick","Purifier","Rage","Ragespike","Ragnarok","Reaper","Reaper's Toll","Reckoning","Reign of Misery","Remorse","Requiem","Requiem of the Lost","Retirement","Righteous Might","Rigormortis","Savagery","Scalpel","Scar","Seethe","Severance","Shadow Strike","Shadowsteel","Silence","Silencer","Silver Saber","Silverlight","Skullcrusher","Slice of Life","Soul Reaper","Soulblade","Soulrapier","Spada","Spike","Spineripper","Spiteblade","Stalker","Starshatterer","Sting","Stinger","Storm","Storm Breaker","Stormbringer","Stormcaller","Storm-Weaver","Striker","Sun Strike","Suspension","Swan Song","The Ambassador","The Black Blade","The End","The Facelifter","The Light","The Oculus","The Stake","The Untamed","The Unyielding","The Void","Thorn","Thunder","Toothpick","Tranquility","Treachery","Trinity","Tyrhung","Unending Tyranny","Unholy Might","Valkyrie","Vanquisher","Vengeance","Venom","Venomshank","Warmonger","Widow Maker","Willbreaker","Winterthorn","Wit's End","Witherbrand","Wolf","Worldbreaker","Worldslayer"]; Global $nm2[] = ["Massive","Military","Amber Infused","Ancient","Anguish","Annihilation","Antique","Arcane","Arched","Assassination","Atuned","Oathkeeper's","Bandit's","Baneful","Banished","Barbarian","Barbaric","Battleworn","Blazefury","Blood Infused","Blood-Forged","Bloodcursed","Bloodied","Bloodlord's","Bloodsurge","Bloodvenom","Bone Crushing","Bonecarvin","Brutal","Brutality","Burnished","Captain's","Cataclysm","Cataclysmic","Cold-Forged","Corroded","Corrupted","Crazed","Crying","Cursed","Curved","Dancing","Decapitating","Defiled","Demonic","Deserted","Desire's","Desolation","Destiny's","Dire","Doom","Doom's","Dragon's","Dragonbreath","Ebon","Eerie","Enchanted","Engraved","Eternal","Executing","Exiled","Extinction","Faith's","Faithful","Fancy","Fearful","Feral","Fierce","Fiery","Fire Infused","Fireguard","Firesoul","Firestorm","Flaming","Flimsy","Forsaken","Fortune's","Fragile","Frail","Frenzied","Frost","Frozen","Furious","Fusion","Ghastly","Ghost-Forged","Ghostly","Gladiator","Gladiator's","Gleaming","Glinting","Greedy","Grieving","Guard's","Guardian's","Hailstorm","Hateful","Haunted","Heartless","Hollow","Holy","Honed","Honor's","Hope's","Hopeless","Howling","Hungering","Improved","Incarnated","Infused","Inherited","Isolated","Jade Infused","Judgement","Knightly","Legionnaire's","Liar's","Lich","Lightning","Lonely","Loyal","Lustful","Lusting","Mage's","Malevolent","Malicious","Malignant","Mended","Mercenary","Misfortune's","Misty","Moonlit","Mourning","Nightmare","Ominous","Peacekeeper","Phantom","Polished","Possessed","Pride's","Prideful","Primitive","Promised","Protector's","Deluded","Proud","Recruit's","Reforged","Reincarnated","Relentless","Remorseful","Renewed","Renovated","Replica","Restored","Retribution","Ritual","Roaring","Ruby Infused","Rune-Forged","Rusty","Sailor's","Sapphire Infused","Savage","Shadow","Sharpened","Silent","Singed","Singing","Sinister","Skullforge","Skyfall","Smooth","Solitude's","Sorrow's","Soul","Soul Infused","Soul-Forged","Soulcursed","Soulless","Spectral","Spectral-Forged","Spiteful","Storm","Storm-Forged","Stormfury","Stormguard","Terror","Thirsting","Thirsty","Thunder","Thunder-Forged","Thunderfury","Thunderguard","Thundersoul","Thunderstorm","Timeworn","Tormented","Trainee's","Treachery's","Twilight","Twilight's","Twisted","Tyrannical","Undead","Unholy","Vengeance","Vengeful","Venom","Vicious","Vindication","Vindictive","Void","Volcanic","Vowed","War-Forged","Warlord's","Warp","Warped","Whistling","Wicked","Wind's","Wind-Forged","Windsong","Woeful","Wrathful","Wretched","Yearning","Zealous"]; Global $nm3[] = ["Adamantite","Bronze","Copper","Diamond","Glass","Gold","Iron","Mithril","Obsidian","Silver","Skeletal","Steel"]; Global $nm4[] = ["Blade","Broadsword","Claymore","Defender","Deflector","Doomblade","Greatsword","Guardian","Katana","Longsword","Mageblade","Protector","Quickblade","Rapier","Reaver","Sabre","Scimitar","Shortsword","Slicer","Spellblade","Swiftblade","Sword","Warblade","Skewer","Carver","Etcher","Sculptor","Razor","Crusader"]; Global $nm5[] = ["Annihilation","Betrayer","Blade","Blessed Blade","Blood Blade","Bond","Boon","Breaker","Bringer","Broadsword","Butcher","Call","Carver","Champion","Claymore","Conqueror","Crusader","Cry","Cunning","Dark Blade","Dawn","Defender","Defiler","Deflector","Destroyer","Doomblade","Edge","Ender","Etcher","Executioner","Favor","Ferocity","Foe","Gift","Glory","Greatsword","Guardian","Heirloom","Hope","Incarnation","Jaws","Katana","Last Hope","Last Stand","Legacy","Longblade","Longsword","Mageblade","Memory","Might","Oath","Pact","Pledge","Promise","Protector","Quickblade","Rapier","Ravager","Razor","Reach","Reaper","Reaver","Runed Blade","Saber","Sabre","Savagery","Scimitar","Sculptor","Secret","Shortsword","Skewer","Slayer","Slicer","Soul","Spellblade","Spine","Swiftblade","Sword","Terror","Token","Tribute","Vengeance","Voice","Warblade","Warglaive","Whisper","Wit"]; Global $nm6[] = ["of Agony","of Ancient Power","of Anguish","of Ashes","of Assassins","of Black Magic","of Blessed Fortune","of Blessings","of Blight","of Blood","of Bloodlust","of Broken Bones","of Broken Dreams","of Broken Families","of Burdens","of Chaos","of Closing Eyes","of Conquered Worlds","of Corruption","of Cruelty","of Cunning","of Dark Magic","of Dark Souls","of Darkness","of Decay","of Deception","of Degradation","of Delusions","of Denial","of Desecration","of Diligence","of Dismay","of Dragonsouls","of Due Diligence","of Echoes","of Ended Dreams","of Ending Hope","of Ending Misery","of Eternal Bloodlust","of Eternal Damnation","of Eternal Glory","of Eternal Justice","of Eternal Rest","of Eternal Sorrow","of Eternal Struggles","of Eternity","of Executions","of Faded Memories","of Fallen Souls","of Fools","of Frost","of Frozen Hells","of Fury","of Giants","of Giantslaying","of Grace","of Grieving Widows","of Hate","of Hatred","of Hell's Games","of Hellish Torment","of Heroes","of Holy Might","of Honor","of Hope","of Horrid Dreams","of Horrors","of Illuminated Dreams","of Illumination","of Immortality","of Inception","of Infinite Trials","of Insanity","of Invocation","of Justice","of Light's Hope","of Lost Comrades","of Lost Hope","of Lost Voices","of Lost Worlds","of Magic","of Mercy","of Misery","of Mountains","of Mourning","of Mystery","of Necromancy","of Nightmares","of Oblivion","of Perdition","of Phantoms","of Power","of Pride","of Pride's Fall","of Putrefaction","of Reckoning","of Redemption","of Regret","of Riddles","of Secrecy","of Secrets","of Shadow Strikes","of Shadows","of Shifting Sands","of Shifting Worlds","of Silence","of Slaughter","of Souls","of Stealth","of Storms","of Subtlety","of Suffering","of Suffering's End","of Summoning","of Terror","of Thunder","of Time-Lost Memories","of Timeless Battles","of Titans","of Torment","of Traitors","of Trembling Hands","of Trials","of Truth","of Twilight's End","of Twisted Visions","of Unholy Blight","of Unholy Might","of Vengeance","of Visions","of Wasted Time","of Widows","of Wizardry","of Woe","of Wraiths","of Zeal","of the Ancients","of the Banished","of the Basilisk","of the Beast","of the Blessed","of the Breaking Storm","of the Brotherhood","of the Burning Sun","of the Caged Mind","of the Cataclysm","of the Champion","of the Claw","of the Corrupted","of the Covenant","of the Crown","of the Damned","of the Daywalker","of the Dead","of the Depth","of the Dreadlord","of the Earth","of the East","of the Emperor","of the Empty Void","of the End","of the Enigma","of the Fallen","of the Falling Sky","of the Flame","of the Forest","of the Forgotten","of the Forsaken","of the Gladiator","of the Harvest","of the Immortal","of the Incoming Storm","of the Insane","of the King","of the Lasting Night","of the Leviathan","of the Light","of the Lion","of the Lionheart","of the Lone Victor","of the Lone Wolf","of the Lost","of the Moon","of the Moonwalker","of the Night Sky","of the Night","of the Nightstalker","of the North","of the Occult","of the Oracle","of the Phoenix","of the Plague","of the Prince","of the Protector","of the Queen","of the Serpent","of the Setting Sun","of the Shadows","of the Sky","of the South","of the Stars","of the Storm","of the Summoner","of the Sun","of the Sunwalker","of the Talon","of the Undying","of the Victor","of the Void","of the West","of the Whispers","of the Wicked","of the Wind","of the Wolf","of the World","of the Wretched"]; Global $nm7[] = ["Aetherius","Agatha","Alpha","Amnesia","Anduril","Apocalypse","Armageddon","Arondite","Ashrune","Betrayal","Betrayer","Blackout","Blazefury","Blazeguard","Blinkstrike","Bloodquench","Bloodweep","Brutality","Celeste","Chaos","Cometfell","Convergence","Darkheart","Dawn","Dawnbreaker","Deathbringer","Deathraze","Decimation","Desolation","Destiny's Song","Dirge","Doomblade","Doombringer","Draughtbane","Due Diligence","Echo","Eclipse","Endbringer","Epilogue","Espada","Extinction","Faithkeeper","Fate","Fleshrender","Florance","Frenzy","Fury","Ghost Reaver","Ghostwalker","Gladius","Glimmer","Godslayer","Grasscutter","Gutrender","Hatred's Bite","Heartseeker","Heartstriker","Hell's Scream","Hellfire","Piece Maker","Hellreaver","Honor's Call","Hope's End","Infamy","Interrogator","Justifier","Kinslayer","Klinge","Knightfall","Lament","Lazarus","Lifedrinker","Light's Bane","Lightbane","Lightbringer","Lightning","Limbo","Loyalty","Malice","Mangler","Massacre","Mercy","Misery","Mournblade","Narcoleptic","Needle","Nethersbane","Night's Edge","Night's Fall","Nightbane","Nightcrackle","Nightfall","Nirvana","Oathbreaker","Oathkeeper","Oblivion","Omega","Orenmir","Peacekeeper","Persuasion","Prick","Purifier","Rage","Ragespike","Ragnarok","Reckoning","Reign","Remorse","Requiem","Retirement","Rigormortis","Savagery","Scalpel","Scar","Seethe","Severance","Shadow Strike","Shadowsteel","Silence","Silencer","Silver Saber","Silverlight","Skullcrusher","Slice of Life","Soul Reaper","Soulblade","Soulrapier","Spada","Spike","Spineripper","Spiteblade","Stalker","Starshatterer","Sting","Stinger","Storm","Storm Breaker","Stormbringer","Stormcaller","Story-Weaver","Striker","Sun Strike","Suspension","Swan Song","The Ambassador","The Black Blade","The End","The Facelifter","The Light","The Oculus","The Stake","The Untamed","The Unyielding","The Void","Thorn","Thunder","Toothpick","Tranquility","Treachery","Trinity","Tyrhung","Unending Tyranny","Unholy Might","Valkyrie","Vanquisher","Vengeance","Venom","Venomshank","Warmonger","Widow Maker","Willbreaker","Winterthorn","Wit's End","Witherbrand","Wolf","Worldbreaker","Worldslayer"]; MsgBox(0, "Name Gen", _GenSword(4)) $Gen = _GenSword("1;2;3;4;5;6;7", 3) _ArrayDisplay($Gen) Func _GenSword($Type, $Amount = 1) If StringInStr($Type, ";") Then;Run multiple $String = StringSplit($Type, ";") Local $Size = $String[0] * $Amount Dim $Name[$Size+1] $x = 1 $z = 1 $Name[0] = $Size While $x <= $String[0] $String[$x] = Int($String[$x]) Switch $String[$x] Case 1 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r1 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm1))) $Name[$z] = $nm1[$r1] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 2 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r7 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm7))) $Name[$z] = $nm7[$r7] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 3 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r2 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm2))) $r4 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm4))) $Name[$z] = $nm2[$r2] & " " & $nm4[$r4] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 4 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r1 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm1))) $r6 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm6))) $Name[$z] = $nm1[$r1] & " " & $nm6[$r6] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 5 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r3 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm3))) $r5 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm5))) $Name[$z] = $nm3[$r3] & " " & $nm5[$r5] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 6 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r2 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm2))) $r3 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm3))) $r4 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm4))) $Name[$z] = $nm2[$r2] & " " & $nm3[$r3] & " " & $nm4[$r4] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next Case 7 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r7 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm7))) $r5 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm5))) $r6 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm6))) $Name[$z] = $nm7[$r7] & " " & $nm5[$r5] & " " & $nm6[$r6] If ($z + 1) <= $Size Then $z += 1 Next EndSwitch $x += 1 WEnd Return $Name ElseIf IsInt($Type) And $Type >= 1 And $Type <= 6 Then;Run Single Local $Name = "" Switch $Type Case 1 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r1 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm1))) $Name = $Name & $nm1[$r1] & @CRLF Next Case 2 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r7 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm1))) $Name = $Name & $nm7[$r7] & @CRLF Next Case 3 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r2 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm2))) $r4 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm4))) $Name = $Name & $nm2[$r2] & " " & $nm4[$r4] & @CRLF Next Case 4 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r1 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm1))) $r6 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm6))) $Name = $Name & $nm1[$r1] & " " & $nm6[$r6] & @CRLF Next Case 5 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r3 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm3))) $r5 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm5))) $Name = $Name & $nm3[$r3] & " " & $nm5[$r5] & @CRLF Next Case 6 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r2 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm2))) $r3 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm3))) $r4 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm4))) $Name = $Name & $nm2[$r2] & " " & $nm3[$r3] & " " & $nm4[$r4] & @CRLF Next Case 7 For $i = 1 To $Amount $r7 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm7))) $r5 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm5))) $r6 = Floor(Random(0, UBound($nm6))) $Name = $Name & $nm7[$r7] & " " & $nm5[$r5] & " " & $nm6[$r6] & @CRLF Next EndSwitch Return $Name Else SetError(1) Return 0 EndIf EndFunc