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Found 11 results

  1. I am working on windows desktop automation in which two fingers scrolling option is requried to move objects on screen. The single horizontal mouse scrolling is not functioning while I do it manually. So, my question is, is there a way to do two fingers horizontal scrolling based on coordinates in autoIT? Kindly help.
  2. I have a web page which has somewhere from 90-100 records any time. So one has to scroll from from certain height to bottom using scroll bar on the right or using the down key. Is there any functionality to take a single screenshot and give .jpeg file. Any previous links or direction will be very helpful for me George V
  3. Internet Explorer 11, AutoIt I want to download many files which are published with hyperlink on a web page. I use AutoIt and when there is a few files, it works even if It's on a website with secured links. I have a script to download link items with the object method (I gave a partial sample), but when the number of link exceed the web page, there is not an auto scroll, then the links which are not on displayed without scroll are not downloaded. Thank you From France EchantillonRecepAnonym.au3
  4. Hi guys, I have a GUI which requires scrolling, however resizing is a bit of a problem because any time you scroll down/up and then resize, the controls move down/up and blank space is created within the scrollable area. Any help with maintaining scrollable area size to be fixed would be great. Here is a reproducer: To achieve the undesirable effect I described, simply run the script, scroll down and then resize window. You will notice that new blank space is created either on top or on bottom of the window depending on scrolling/resizing direction. Easiest way to see how bad it is, is to scroll down the page about half-way and then maximise the window. You will notice now a whole bunch of blank space is added to the top of the window and scrolling up simply shows nothing, scrolling down shows controls but they are cut off because of the blank space created on top of the page. This is all happening within the yellow bg child gui. I need to make it so that even if the GUI is resized the contents of the yellow bg child gui do not move and the scrollable area within the child gui remains the same. #NoTrayIcon #include-once #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <GUIScroll.au3> #include <SendMessage.au3> Opt("GUIResizeMode", 802) Global $parentgui_w = 880, $parentgui_h = 810, $childgui_w = $parentgui_w - 2, $childgui_h = $parentgui_h - 292 $parentgui = GUICreate("Scrollbar resize problem", $parentgui_w, $parentgui_h, -1, -1, BitOR($WS_MINIMIZEBOX, $WS_MAXIMIZEBOX, $WS_SIZEBOX)) GUISetBkColor(0xFFFFFF, $parentgui) $childgui = GUICreate("", $childgui_w, $childgui_h, -5, 263, $WS_POPUP, $WS_EX_MDICHILD, $parentgui) GUISetBkColor(0xFFF123, $childgui) Dim $buttons[25] For $i = 0 to 24 If $i > 0 Then $cPos = ControlGetPos($childgui, "", $buttons[$i - 1]) $buttons[$i] = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button " & $i + 1, ($childgui_w - 200) / 2, $cPos[1] + $cPos[3] + 50, 200, 80) Else $buttons[$i] = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button " & $i + 1, ($childgui_w - 200) / 2, 20, 200, 80) EndIf Next Scrollbar_Create($childgui, $SB_VERT, 130 * 25) Scrollbar_Step(15, $childgui, $SB_VERT) GUIRegisterMsg($WM_SIZE, "WM_SIZE") GUIRegisterMsg($WM_NCACTIVATE, "WM_NCACTIVATE") GUIRegisterMsg($WM_MOUSEWHEEL, "WM_MOUSEWHEEL") GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $parentgui) GUISetState(@SW_SHOWNOACTIVATE, $childgui) While 1 $msg = GUIGetMsg(1) Switch $msg[1] Case $parentgui Switch $msg[0] Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit Case $GUI_EVENT_RESTORE $pPos = WinGetPos($parentgui) WinMove($parentgui, "", Default, Default, $pPos[2]+1, $pPos[3]+1) WinMove($parentgui, "", Default, Default, $pPos[2]-1, $pPos[3]-1) EndSwitch EndSwitch WEnd Func WM_MOUSEWHEEL($hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam) Local $iMw = BitShift($wParam, 16) $scroll_lines = 5 If $iMw > 0 Then For $i = 0 to $scroll_lines _SendMessage($childgui, $WM_VSCROLL, $SB_LINEUP) Next Else For $i = 0 to $scroll_lines _SendMessage($childgui, $WM_VSCROLL, $SB_LINEDOWN) Next EndIf Return $GUI_RUNDEFMSG EndFunc Func WM_SIZE($hwnd, $uMsg, $wParam, $lParam) If $hwnd = $parentgui Then $wPos = WinGetPos($parentgui) $pgui_wdiff = ($wPos[2] - $parentgui_w) / 2 $pgui_hdiff = ($wPos[3] - $parentgui_h) / 2 If $pgui_wdiff > 7 Then If $pgui_hdiff <> 0 Then If $wPos[2] > $parentgui_w Then WinMove($childgui, "", $wPos[0] + 2 + $pgui_wdiff, Default, $parentgui_w - 2, $wPos[3] - 306) Else WinMove($childgui, "", $wPos[0] + 2 + $pgui_wdiff, Default, $wPos[2] - 16, $wPos[3] - 306) EndIf Else WinMove($childgui, "", $wPos[0] + 2 + $pgui_wdiff, Default) EndIf ElseIf $pgui_wdiff < 7 Then If $wPos[0] <> -32000 Then WinMove($childgui, "", $wPos[0] + 8, Default, $wPos[2] - 16, $wPos[3] - 306) EndIf ElseIf $pgui_hdiff > 42 Then WinMove($childgui, "", Default, Default, Default, $wPos[3] - 306) EndIf EndIf Return 0 EndFunc Func WM_NCACTIVATE($hwnd, $imsg, $wparam) If $hwnd = $parentgui Then If NOT $wparam Then Return 1 EndIf Return $gui_rundefmsg EndFunc
  5. How can you scroll to the end of a text area in IE without using focus/ControlSend? I have tried several solutions (see code below) but I can't seem to get them to work. Test HTML (test.html) <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <textarea id="textarea-test" rows="4" cols="50"> </textarea> </body> </html> AutoIt Test Code: #RequireAdmin #include <IE.au3> $oIE = _IECreate(@ScriptDir & "\test.html") Local $hWnd = _IEPropertyGet($oIE, "hwnd") Local $oTextarea = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "textarea-test") Local $sText = "" For $i = 1 To 30 $sText &= $i & "&#13;&#10;" _IEPropertySet($oTextarea, "innerhtml", $sText) ;NOT WORKING ;$oTextarea.document.parentwindow.scroll(0, 99999) ;_IEAction($oTextarea, "scrollintoview") ;NOT WORKING ;$iDocHeight = $oTextarea.document.body.scrollHeight() ;$oTextarea.document.parentwindow.scrollTo(0, $iDocHeight) ;NOT WORKING ;$oTextarea.document.parentwindow.scrollTo(0, 99999) ;NOT WORKING ;$oTextarea.scrollintoview() ;WORKING _IEAction($oTextarea, "focus") ControlSend($hWnd, "", "[CLASS:Internet Explorer_Server; INSTANCE:1]", "^{end}") Sleep(100) Next
  6. Hello AutoIt community, I have a question for you all. Now, I know using a multi column listbox could do such as my question will ask, but I would like to know this for only multiple single column listbox's. I have been able to select all three values and scroll the listbox's (I have 3 side by side) to the appropriate value of each column and match them up (only when an item has been selected). My problem is, I'd like the listboxes to scroll together, rather than independently. I have not tried scripting anything to help me do this, but I have taken a look at _GUIScrollBars which had a function called _GUIScrollBars_GetScrollInfoEx. Could the $tagSCROLLINFO structure be used to do this? It's probably due to ignorance that I think this, but could anyone enlighten me? EDIT: Maybe with _GUIScrollBars_GetScrollInfoTrackPos and _GUIScrollBars_SetScrollInfoPos? Did not work, as ScrollInfoTrackPos only tracks one scrollbar.
  7. hello! how it possible, i load a siote, i send a scroll (send up) or simpley scroll by scrollbar, and the after and pre datas are same? i mean ;~ l(_IEPropertyGet($l,"browsery")) ;~ l(_IEPropertyGet($l,"screeny")) ;~ l(_IEPropertyGet($l,"top")) so these parameters dont change after effect.. is it possible? $l is a html element on page! i wanted to scroll up to be visible, but i cant check its coordniates because those dont change!!! and if i try mousewheel lthere is not happen any, only in my editor scrolling but ie window dont! can i check anyway that given html element is in the lookable area and if not i scrolll and is it succesfull? i tried this only. TY
  8. Could you please show me or refer me to the documents how to do these things: Remap the {LEFT CLICK} to letter A. Remap the {RIGHT CLICK} to letter B. Remap the {MIDDLE CLICK} to letter C. Remap every single {SCROLL UP} to number 1. Remap every single {SCROLL DOWN} to number 2. It looks like it's hard to remap the mouse' elements..
  9. This function no need to describe but maybe be helpfull for somebody Func _GUICtrlListView_ScrollToItem($hListView, $item) ; $item : zero based ListViewItem $item_to_scroll = $item If $item_to_scroll >= 0 Then $item_to_scroll -= 1 $aRect = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemRect($hListView, $item_to_scroll, 3) $v_iDY = $aRect[1] - 1 If $item <= 0 Then $v_iDY -= 16 _GUICtrlListView_Scroll($hListView, 0, $v_iDY) EndFunc ;==>_GUICtrlListView_ScrollToItem
  10. Hi there ya'll! What I've got is 2 GUIs being ontop of eachother, one being the others parent. The parent serves mostly as a background as the child is a bit smaller, transparent and contains a set of images/icons. The child GUI also has a scrollbar created by _GUIScrollbars_Generate. The problem I'm having is that in the parent GUI I have an inputbox, created by GUICtrlCreateInput, and as that inputbox got focus I want to be able to scroll the child GUI. I can't set the inputbox in the child instead as I guess it would be too much work moving it as I scroll along. As I'm having it now I manually have to click inside the child GUI to be able to scroll it, and then click inside the parent/inputbox to type again. Don't know if there's any other great solution to this. I just thought that a mouseover scroll be OK! If you got any other solution I'd happily take that aswell! Best regards, zvvyt
  11. Hi all, I'd like to create a simple way to diffuse some text messages at the bottom of a screen from right to left on the entire width in continue. Goal is to diffuse message to my company's people on a 16/9 TV in a continue way. Messages would be taken from text files created in a specified directory.... How could i do this with AutoIT ? thanks a lot for your help. Florent
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