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ok guys i playing 1 game and i use script to pres 678678678678678678678678678 in delay 50ms so thats really fast and cant press that by myself :D

my problem is when i start and alt+tab to go in game its works perfectly but my pause dont work cuz i only need that sometimes when fighting so need alt+tab to go to some windows to pause and if some1 atack me till i alt+tab and start go into game i will die so need help..

can i anyhow pause/unpause while i am in game pls really need help

my code is

HotKeySet("{END}", "_Exit")
HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "_Pause")

Global $Paused

While 1

Func _Pause()
   $Paused = NOT $Paused
   While $Paused

Func _Exit()
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Im far from an expert but does it not have to be

Global $Paused()

i am not expert eather :D

i mean pause unpause works fine but when i am in game it dont work need minimize game to pause/unpause

just wanna make it work in game

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I would check to see if the Pause Key is already mapped in the Game. Easiest way you could check this would be to change your Hotkey from {Pause} to something Obscure like CTRL+ALT+P

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