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I'm writing something that can interact with DOS commands, the problem is if the DOS command gets into an infinite loop (eg: ping -t google.com), there's no way to escape the sequence.

Normally one would simply hit Ctrl + C and it would print a summary, though sending any variation of "Control-C" & @CRLF & "^C" via StdInWrite() only prevents the information from being sent through the pipe.

Func Command($Command)
    Local $Run_Handle, $out, $line = ""
    $Run_Handle = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $Command, @TempDir, @SW_HIDE, $STDIN_CHILD + $STDERR_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) 

    While 1 
        $out = StdoutRead($Run_Handle)
        If @error Then ExitLoop 
        $line &= $out
        If StringInStr($out, @LF) <> 0 Then 
            $line = ""
        If $ExitKeyFlag = 1 Then 
            ;ProcessWaitClose($Run_Handle, 2000)


Using StdioClose() merely closes the pipes, and the command appears to still be working (through taskman) ProcessClose() also appears to be ineffectual in closing the child.

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Good Question. I am having the same issue. How to send Ctrl+c via StdinWrite?? :x

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Ctrl-C ist the control character ETX (0x03). Send it with Chr(3) :x


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I have a help desk software that I made for our support staff. One of the things required is the output of the dos ping command so I had to use ping -t, but as you found when you're reading the output it's difficult to stop.

Unfortunately Chr(3) or other forms do not send the term signal.


I downloaded the sendsignal.exe, this is like send a break, not a term. I interrupt the function and run the signal term (I had to run it in the child pid directly, not what run had returned). When the function gets interrupted and I run sendsignal I set another flag to have the loop check the output for "Control-Break" and when it does it dumps out of the loop and closes ping. Gives the exact output one would be looking for.

I was a little worried but it works flawless.

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