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Simple PixelSearch Point and Click Bot

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I just started working with AutoIt recently and I am currently trying to make an aimbot that will search for a user defined pixel and click it. I would really want it so that you can drag a selection and it will search for that pixel in that selection (dont have any idea how to do that). I want it to have a hotkey to set the pixel it will search for and then another hotkey to start searching and clicking (left click) and a third hotkey to stop it (not sure how to do this)...

Playing around with some codes I got this far:

#include <GuiConstants.au3> 

Dim $Game, $MID
HotKeySet( "{f3}", "chosecolor")
Global $color

Func chosecolor()
    $color = Pixelgetcolor($pos[0],$pos[1])

Opt("PixelCoordMode", 0)   
$Game = NOT $Game 
    If $Game Then ToolTip('BOT RUNNING',0,0)
    While $Game ; search left, top, right bottom for my color, color varience of 50 shades, check every 10 pixels.
        $ball = PixelSearch( 49, 75, 430, 330, $color, 50, 10) 
        If Not @error Then MouseClick("left", $ball[0], $ball[1], 1, 0)

It doesn't work at all... I am not exactly sure what I am doing wrong because I dont fully understand most of this.

Again all I need is a simple point and click pixelsearch bot...

All help is greatly appreciated

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