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External IP address UDF


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;By Igor Ferreira Cemim
;igor.cemim at yahoo.com.br

;Search a valid IP address on a given URL.
Func searchIP($URL = "http://www.ip-adress.com/")
  InetGet($URL, @TempDir & "\IP.dat", 1)

  ;Regular expression by:
  $re = "\b(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.(25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\b"
  $file = FileOpen(@TempDir & "\IP.dat", 0)

  While 1
    $line = StringLower(FileReadLine($file))
    If @error = -1 Then
      FileDelete(@TempDir & "\IP.dat")

    $webIP = StringRegExpReplace($line, "[a-z]", "")
    $IP = StringRegExp($webIP, $re, 2)

    If (IsArray($IP)) Then
      FileDelete(@TempDir & "\IP.dat")
      Return $IP[0]

;Get external IP from What Is My IP Address automation page.
Func getExternalIP()
  InetGet("http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp", @TempDir & "\IP.dat", 1)
  $IP = FileReadLine(@TempDir & "\IP.dat", 1)
  FileDelete(@TempDir & "\IP.dat")

  Return $IP

Need more comments?! :)

Automatic Update UDF - IP Address UDF - WinPcap AutoIt _FindDevice()[font="Verdana"][size="2"]AutoIt Spanish/Brasil/World community!!![/size][/font]Use you wanna a dot.tk domain please use my link:
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Whaaat? I thought all topics got awesome when YOU posted in them! :)

(HA got you now, there's no way you can deny that!)

Edited by AdmiralAlkex
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The getExternalIP is already done. _GetIP

But the other func is good :)

Edited by ProgAndy

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