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Prospeed dll translated help file

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After searching around for an English version of the Prospeed help file with no luck (if anybody has one please post it is probably better than this) I decided to whip up a Google translated version of the German CHM. To do this, I decompiled the CHM into multiple .htm files. Then I read all the files back and merged them into one large htm (code below in case you are interested).

Finally, I uploaded that file to Google translate (which can take files <1MB) and downloaded the results ... which I have attached. It is not as nice as a bookmarked CHM and could probably stand to have its tranlation tuned ... and does not include the original jpgs ... but is better than nothing. Enjoy.



;combine html files into one

#Include <File.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

dim $helpPath = "filepath\"

dim $masterFile = FileOpen(@scriptdir&"\MasterHelp.html",2)

;read contents of directory into array

$fileList = _FileListToArray($helpPath,"*.htm")


;write contents of HTML files into one file

for $a=1 to UBound($fileList)-1 step 1

dim $currentFile = FileRead($helpPath&$fileList[$a])

FileWrite($masterFile,$currentFile & @CRLF)




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