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A thought to all you Excellent Programmers Out There!!!

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I have only been using AUtoIt for just over a month and I have searched the Forums for answers a lot!

In that time, I have realised a few things regarding AutoIt "as you may guess, I am Verry Impressed with the AutoIt Language":

I have used Machine Code, C, Basic, Pascal, Cobalt, Command Line, HTML, JavaScipt etc.. but AutoIt is by far thew best! FACT.......

I have learned with all this experience:

Programmers can do anything and everything!

We just need the time to work it out.

As a community we are the most powerfull entity around!!

We just need to realise, Autoit is one of the most powerfull programming lanuages currently available.

Why? Because it utilises so many languages capabilities: especially VBscript, C etc.......

"Nothing Is Impossible! We just have not worked out the way to do it yet!!!"

I suggest we use it for the good of programming because I have seen some exteemly clever people on this forum in just a few weeks.

I have over 25 years of computing experience and I am humbled by their knowledge!!!"

Yes, I may be having a rant, (and I have very little experience with this language to do that) but I think as a Community, We can develop so Many Good Things".

Please feel free to post what you feel would really help people (as a community) and I, for one, will try and develop your suggestions (given time) with you!.

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Appologies for this! I am also having to decipher the mess I caused in one of my programs as well.

About the Hearing Aid Idea, I Love It but unfortunately, I could not find the USB port for the keyboard on my one so I will have to give that a pass.

I wasn't lying about you lot having great knowledge though.

Now if you excuse me, I need an Asprin!Posted Image

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Good luck with that!

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