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Tesseract OCR


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Does anyone know that how to scan any image (it contains regular text) on computer (C:\sample-image.jpg) and write it as text file (example: output-sample-image.txt)?

I think it should made with Tesseract OCR but I really need sample code for learning.

sample-image.jpg and output-sample-image.txt are attached.

Many thanks now.



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I think what PsaltyDS is suggesting, is that if you search the forum you will certainly find your answer.

The tesseract UDF has very detailed info on how to use the functions in it, so a little research by yourself will help you better understand the functions, rather than someone doing the work for you.

When you try it and arnt getting the results you expect then post your code, and I'm certain you will get help.

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Is it working on selected image?

Try it and see. Why would the support forum be expected to answer that question for you?

Come back and post after you tried it, and IF IT DOESN'T WORK.


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